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A few things that I’m loving and thankful for….

1. I’m loving for the opportunity to stay home with Leland during the day and do part-time photography on the side. I’m still finding a balance with not working at all during the day unless Leland naps and only work in the evening. It makes for a whole lot smoother of a day (and Leland has my full attention which is most important!)

2. I’m loving this little lip gloss/lip stick¬†from target- I think it’s called Pixiglow- ha! My sister and mom were using it and I tried it and it’s great! I don’t really like wearing lipstick but this just gives your lips a natural kind of color which is totally great. Love!!

3. Photo Mechanic- it’s a software program for photographers and I’ve had it downloaded forever but haven’t used it and I don’t know why! It has seriously saved me so much time, culling and sorting through images. It has been the best time saver for me lately!

4. Espadrilles shoes from Jcrew….I haven’t bought a pair yet but I love the mint color!

5. The Rocket Summer (Bryce Avary’s) new album. I may have already listened to it 20 times since it came out (which was yesterday- haha) Here is a song from the album called Soldiers. I also love Circa ’46….so good.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Much love.




They have a new album out!? I MUST GET IT!

I had to look up ‘culling’. new word for me!! I always learn so much from you. ;)

Love that picture. The detail is great!
Not sure if I thanked you, but THANK YOU for the email of editing sites.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Love that you get to give your little boy your full attention, he’s a lucky baby!

Ohhh I must try that lip stuff! I’m a sucker for fun products like that.

I like this post, Arielle! It’s so fun to get a glimpse into your daily life. Leland is one lucky little boy to have his momma around! (Emily, I had to look up “culling,” too!)

if you like those espadrilles and are on a budget like moi, try forever 21. :)

i don’t check in as regularly as i used to because of “feed” changes on my end . . . but today i thot of you and was in the mood for an arielleelise “fix”. :) and i wasn’t disappointed . . . with your beautiful photography and your words of wisdom on being a mommy, and thots from daily life. thanks! you inspire.

bryce avery = love of my love! love rocket summer.

Never heard of Bryce Avery, but I LOVE the song you posted. I ALWAYS love the music you post. And I may have to check out that lip gloss at Target. I’m a Dr. Pepper chapstick girl! =)

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