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from the phone.

Some recent pictures from my phone:

1. Love my little guy 2. An antique dress I thrifted 3. An old geetar

4. Leland exploring a small town 5. Showing me the rocks he found 6. Pretty colors

7. Some small flowers 8. Learning to swim in the lake 9. Feeding the fish

10. My pants matched the wall-yea! 11. Fresh strawberries 12. Little man

13. “Reading” the Bible 14. Walking on a dock 15. Anthro candle and garden book


Those pictures are gorgeous, and your little guy is just adorable!

That dress!! These photos show how great an eye you have for the beauty in life.

Arielle, I love these photos! They have such a whimsical and storybook like quality to them. What a pretty little world we live in, and so glad to have seen you capture it in this way.

well you must be a great photographer…these are from your phone!? lovely friend!

You know when I was little I always ‘collected’ rocks…aka gathered a whole bunch thinking they were pretty and making my parents hold them. So be careful…this could be the start of many moments of rock holding. ;) haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

holy moly – these are from your phone?! they look way better than my real camera photos. so pretty.

So hard to pick a favorite here … they’re all wonderful, Arielle!! I love the quality of the photos from the newer phones. I’ve been a bit behind the times, and I’m finally getting ready to trade in my old pink (yes, I said pink, lol!!) flip phone in for a newer, updated model! Just haven’t decided which one to go with yet! Thanks for sharing your special images!! :)

Your photos are so beautiful!:)

Mattea R. R.

Your phone takes AH!mazing photos! I love random. You have it and it’s awesome. :) I just picked some fresh strawberries from our garden yesterday! Mmmm Mmmm goooood :)
I love your style of writing too; it’s so enjoyable to read your blog!

These are really lovely. I’m looking forward to having a new phone which I can get the photos off, it’s lovely to remember the little moments.

you photos are amazing whether it’s with your Canon or with your phone! the lil guy is getting so big now, not going to be little anymore :D

have a great father’s day weekend!

These don’t even look like they are from your phone! And when did Leland get so big?!?!

I’m new to your blog, and I thought I would let you know that I love your photos :)

♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

that little guy in his jungle book t shirt is too much cuteness for one photo. oh my gosh!!

that little guy in his jungle book t shirt is too much cuteness for one photo. oh my!

One word, amazing! You’re blog is (truly) one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever visited. Good work!

Even your phone photos are absolutely beautiful!

Stunning mobile shots!!


thank you! :)


Haha, thank you!! :)


thank you!! :)


thank you naomi! :)


Thank you Natasha! :) So kind of you!


Thank you Amanda! :)


Thank you Mattea! :)


This is a little bit of a late reply but thank you Deborah! :) I hope all is well & you are staying cool with all of this warm weather! Have a blessed weekend :)


thank you christina! :)

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