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a day in chicago!

Last week, my family and I were on vacation and it was wonderful!! Just wonderful. To be honest, it has been hard to get back in the swing of things here this week! It was really nice to have a break though….from everything really. From the internet, from business, from the familiar. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to get away for a while. I was thankful for the break! :) So anywho, now were back and I was going to share a bunch of photos from the trip but I’m going to share a few from a day in Chicago and then a few from the rest of our time away a different day. The first day we were away we traveled a few hours to Chicago to spend the day there then go see Bryce Avary (aka the rocket summer) in concert. It was so good…definitely one of the best shows I have been to in a long, long time. So good! On the way to the city we stopped at the dunes national park in northern Indiana….so beautiful. Definitely seemed more like an ocean than lake Michigan….

…we tried to walk around for a while at the dunes but it was HOT. ¬†Humid & hot. So honestly, we didn’t last too long out in the heat- ha!

…sometimes, Jay carries around my camera bag for me. He’s awesome.

….Also, I think I’ve decided that I want to become a concert photographer/band photographer… I think that would be amazing?!!


Hope you have a blessed day!! Much love.


Looks gorgeous. Go for it Arielle, you’re honestly one of the best photographers I’ve come across, I think you’ll be a great band/concert photographer!

Your hair is so gorgeous. Like, you seriously have the best hair ever. Just wanted to mention that. ;) I’ve only been in the Chicago airport…I itch to get out and explore each time I’m there, though! It looks so fab. Beautiful shots!

I’m glad Chicago treated you well darling :).
And to think I was only 20 minutes away!

I’m thinking you’d be amazing at it! You should totally do it. ;)

I’ve never been to Chicago so its neat to see it in the few pictures you have up!
At least your camera bag looks a little manly to make it wearable for him! Imagine if it was hot pink or paisley..haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Such beautiful pictures! I think you would be an amazing band photographer!

you would be an amazing concert photographer! great pics of the show. and if you saw this tour, that means you saw my friend Stephen perform with States… he and his brother Bryan are old friends of mine :) i had to miss this tour when it came my way and i was so sad about it, but i hope you guys enjoyed it! :)

Those two concert photos are so beautiful, you’d surely be an amazing band photographer! Keep it up, lovely!

I love your photos of Chicago! :) The city was stifling that day, wasn’t it? You would be an awesome concert photographer!


Love It!!!! Well deserved getaway and looked like you all “surely” enjoyed yourselves! Love you all, and kiss sweet Lealand for me! Terra



I love your blog, it’s so inspiring and uplifting. I have taken a “blog break” and only keep up with a very few blogs now – yours is one of them. It’s so encouraging to see a young Mommy/wife loving her son and husband that way that God designed. Thank you for updating and adding a little extra joy to my life. Hugs!



Thank you so much for you comment….that means so much and is such an encouragement! Thank you :) I truly appreciate it… Many blessings!

~ Arielle


Thanks Faith!! And yes, the city was definitely stifling that day haha! :)


Thanks so much Katrina! :)


Thanks Sarah! :) Yea! The States were playing but we got there a little late so we weren’t able to catch their set. I’ve heard some of their music before though, it’s so good! :) Blessings!


Thanks Kayleevz!:)


Ha true! :) At least its not bright pink or something. And Chicago is awesome…definitely a city worth visiting :) Hope you had a great weekend!


Thanks Mariel! :) 20 mins?! Awesome!


Thanks so much Carlotta!! :) You’re so sweet… and yes, Chicago is definitely a city worth exploring! :)


Thanks so much Stacey! What an encouragement!! :)

Love love love Chicago! Still can’t believe that I was just there in February for the first time! I won’t soon forget it!

I hope I will go there someday! Great pictures!

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