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a rainy weekend.

Well, I know it’s already Wednesday but this past weekend it rained and…the end. Haha, just kidding! But really, it was just a rainy weekend. Jay and I went on a date one night and went to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. We were surrounded by kids in the theatre but it was a super cute movie!! I think Leland had the time of his life splashing and jumping in all of the puddles this weekend. Such a cute age! I’m loving this almost-2 age (minus the fits and occasional tantrums!)

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Relaxed? Yea, me too. Nothing too fabulous! I haven’t been taking my camera with me much because I’ve really learned to enjoy the moment (not photograph it!) but…we did take a few pictures this weekend. I mean, a green wall to match my green rain boots?! Talk about coordination! Ha! Anywho, going to hop off here and read with Jay some. And maybe listen to Lecrae’s new album too. We’ve been reading and studying 1 John, such a good book. I’m thankful for a husband to read God’s word with. Not to mention, he’s kinda cute. ;)

Have a beautiful day, friends! xo.




You look great. And Leland ist such a sweet boy.
And i am in love with the name Leland. :)

You look so cute, as always! Sounds like a great weekend! Mine was very relaxing, too, almost too much. :) I’m ready to be busy!

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the rain and your boots are super cute! Glad to hear you liked the movie! I was curious about it! And Leeland is too cute!

Rainy weekends are the best!
Your boots are TOO cute!
Agree with you on 2 year olds being the best age:)
And how far along are you with baby #2!?

Its like your boots and that wall were made to be together. ;) Happy to hear you’re enjoying the moment instead of photographing it. I’m finding I’m enjoying that a lot more, myself. Yay for rainy weekends!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Ah, I love the dark green boats and it looks so good with your boots and cute outfit! Leland looks adorable playing in the puddles. :)

I meant to say background, not boats! Haha. My brain’s on study overload…too much homework. :-P

Terra, (Mage)

I know that every moment is not magical, with a marriage and kids, But you all have something special, and I enjoy watching it develop and unfold! Love Terra (Mage)


Where on earth did you get your top? It’s so stinking cute!!!


Yes!!! Where did you get your top! It’s so cute!!!!

beautiful pictures!

love, love, love your outfit! i had such a relaxing weekend as well and it was perfect :)

Arielle, you are so darn cute!


I love your top too! You look so cute in these pics :) Hope to see you at the Y this morning-yes? Love, Mom

What a stylish mama!!!! I love how your hunter boots match so perfectly with that door! and oh I have a thing for nice vintage unique doors too. :D glad to see you like them too!

I love your Hunter’s! I’ve wanted that colour for a while now :) I absolutely love wellies, and get a fair bit of use out of them in England which is good :) I have to get the kids versions though because I’m so short :( so I’m limited to which colours I can get unfortunately.
You always look so stylish, too!
Have a lovely week:) xx

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