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A few things that I’m loving and thankful for….

1. I’m loving learning to say no….I know that kind of sounds not so great but it is really freeing! In the past I have been such a people pleaser and I’m really learning to let that go. It makes for a way better schedule and so far, it feels great :)

2. So glad I found out about Rain for Roots! It’s music for children based on biblical stories. The nice thing is that it’s good….like, I would leave it on and listen to it even when Leland’s not around kind of good. Ellie Holcomb, Sandra Mccracken, and a few others are on it!

3. I’m loving my new hat¬†from a pretty neat organization. I wear these kinds of hats all the time in the fall and winter and it was awesome to find a company like this. Love!!

4. I’m thankful and so excited (really excited) that one of my weddings from this past summer will be featured in The Knot Ohio Wedding Magazine for their Spring/Summer issue. Eek! I can’t wait to share more when it’s published!

5. A while back I heard about this band called Us & Our daughters (Phillip Larue and his wife) and fell in love with this song:

Welp, that’s all for now. I hope that you are having a beautiful and blessed week! Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post, I so wish I could reply to each one of them. Much love! xo.



Congratulations on getting featured in the magazine! I really enjoy reading posts like this. It’s fun to discover new music and products from people I admire!

So excited for your magazine feature!!! That’s awesome! And your new hat looks so cute on you!

SO excited to see you included Us & Our Daughters here… I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lia & Phillip is the brother of one of my friend’s. They are truly an inspiring couple musically and spiritually.


Wow, that song is beauuutiful!!

Thanks for sharing that site with the hats! I can’t wait to order one. Love finding companies that are doing great things for the Lord. Blesses my day. : )

No is such a great word, isn’t it? Yay for embracing it when you need. :)

Did you ever watch wishbone? or there was a dog who would be the bible character and I remember watching it growing up and loving it.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

ahh, it’s so exciting that your are being featured in the magazine!! i can’t wait to see more. :)
i love that picture-you look so cute in hats.
and thanks for sharing that music! it’s beautiful. xx

Love the hat! It’s such a pretty fall color.
I’m definitely gonna have to check out Rain Roots now that you’ve mentioned how awesome it is.
And congratulations on the upcoming feature!! You deserve that and more!
Lots of hugs

So in love with that song right now… beautiful list darling, beautiful picture.

Wow!! Congrats on being featured in The Knot!!! How awesome is that?! You are so talented! And thanks for sharing Rain for Roots–I’m off to check it out–I’m always looking for good music to teach biblical truths to my littles but sometimes it’s just soo cheesy (most music is at this age, though, and they don’t seem to mind :)


I’m loving all the things you’re loving! Congratulations on The Knot!!! Woo hoo!! Love, Mom

Cute song/video & I love your hat! That color is perfect!! :)

Doesn’t saying no feeling great sometimes?! Congrats on the feature. What a wonderful honor for such a talented photographer!

these hats are the cutest thing!

really liked the song :P have a great weekend, arielle!

first of all congratulations on being featured in the knot! i love that website and i used a ton in planning my wedding. :)
awesome links too, even though i don’t have a little one i can always use kids stuff with my preschoolers. i’m going to check out that rain for roots when i’m done commenting. and BOY, that music video. made me teary eyed! i have never heard of them before and what a beautiful concept. i love the idea portrayed of a strong family unit and although having two little ones, still saying, “honey, hold me!” haha thank you so much for sharing.


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