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pursuit 31 conference.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Georgia to attend a Christian women’s photography conference (Pursuit 31 Conference.)  It was held at Winshape Retreat and was absolutely gorgeous. Winshape is on the campus of Mt. Berry college and it had to be one of the prettiest campuses I’d ever been to. It was a blessing to meet some other women who love the Lord, and who also have photography businesses, etc.

I didn’t really take out my camera much while I was there but my roommate Kristin (and friend since we were youngsters) and I went out and took some photos. The campus and scenery was too pretty not to! So, even though I could write more…I’ll just share a few photos from the trip…

…soo pretty!

…Kristin and I at the chapel on campus.

…haha, hmm.

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday! Much love.


Berry College is about an hour from where I grew up and I had my engagement photos done there. So pretty! Glad you enjoyed your time in Georgia!

Oh this makes me miss home so much! I’m from GA and just moved to TX! Berry College was my dream school, so I’ve spent many a day up there wrapped in all it’s beauty. Did you get a lot out of the conference? It seems like an awesome idea…I just may have to go next year!


Oh how awesome :) That is definitely a perfect place for engagement photos! Have a great day!

I’m glad that you two were able to take photos while you were there! The scenery is beautiful.


I never knew Georgia could be so gorgeous! I spent a lot of my childhood years there.. it is a lovely state. Thanks for sharing these photos! :-)

That was SO fun!! :) That pic of me on the bike is much better than the one I imagined… you know, me half falling off the bike. Hahaha ;) Love these shots, my dear, and so loved rooming with you that week! :) <3

Oh! And if you don’t mind, would you send me some of these? I’ll be sending you mine here soon. One wedding to finish first then I get to get through these! :)


I love the pic of Kristin with her hair up in a bun and her new bangs! Great shots :)

That doesn’t look like Georgia at all! That’s unbelievably gorgeous!! What a great opportunity for you to go and fellowship. I love the shot of them getting a picture of the girl by the wall.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

These pictures are absolutely stunning. I’m in NC so that’s now too far away.

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