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burlap wreath DIY.

I found a little burlap wreath DIY similar to this in a farming magazine a couple of months ago but I decided to put a little bit of my own touch on it. These wreaths are so much fun to make! Although it takes a little bit of practice with weaving the burlap, it is very worth it. This DIY is affordable and it turns out pretty cute!

Things you will need:

Box wire wreath form


Floral Wire

Hot glue gun


(*I bought about 1 1/2 yards of burlap which worked out to be a good amount for this!)

First, I cut strips of burlap about 3-4 inches wide . (You will need ALOT of strips!!)

Wrap a small piece of floral wire around the end of burlap and attach to the inside of the wire wreath. Begin weaving and twisting the burlap in and out of the wreath. Use a hot glue gun to glue the end when your finished weaving each strip.

After the first strip of burlap, the wreath should look a little something like this. Repeat the previous step with all of the burlap until the wreath is complete. (Don’t forget to twist the burlap while you weave it!)

After the weaving is complete, cut any loose ends (I used fabric scissors.) You can also glue any ends that look messy or out of place.

Use a hot glue gun and ribbon to make a few ribbon rosettes to add to the wreath.

I also made a smaller burlap wreath with a small wire wreath and used red burlap! It was a bit easier than the larger wreath….I just added glitter to small pinecones and attached them to it. Easy Peasy!



Wow so cute! You did not get your crafty genes from me thats for sure LOL Beautiful job!

oooh, I love this Arielle! too pretty. xx

These are so amazing! You are incredible darling

Looks amazing, girl! You’re so creative!

So cute! I’ve been looking for something like this! :)

This project is inspiring! They are so cute… I definitely want to try!! :)

Love it!! love them both actually! I’m no DIY-er, and have come to terms with it ;) so I’ll live vicariously through yours and be content. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Beautiful! I especially love the red one!

Adorable DIY-er!! Looks easy, too! Thanks for sharing it! :)


Thank you, Deborah! :)


Thank you Ashley! :)


Haha- thanks Emily! :) Hope you have a great week!


Thanks so much Margaret! Have a blessed week! :)


Thanks Melanie! :)


Thanks Angela!! :)


Thanks so much Mariel! :) xo

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