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27/28 weeks.


Woohoo! So yesterday started the 28th week but I’m 27 full weeks. Sometimes that confuses me when I’d really rather just say I’m 28 weeks but who’s counting? :) These pictures were taken last weekend and I really haven’t felt like putting on nice clothes since. The last few days I have stayed in leggings and yoga pants so these pictures will do. Anyway…this means the third trimester!! Yea! I’m getting so excited that we’ve only got a few months to go until we meet the little guy. I’m starting to get anxious too, but trying to just stay at peace.

Oh, and about those leggings and yoga pants-I really think they are the best things ever invented for pregnant people! I have found being pregnant in the winter is much different than in the summer. I’m not one to complain (but maybe I am about this) but….I definitely prefer summer over winter. So, with staying indoors most of the time, having comfortable clothing is so nice to have right now. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Much love!



Such a cute little bump! :) And yes, leggings truly are a wonderful thing for pregnant people. I’ve been practically living in mine (and sweats), lol. Yay to being in your 3rd trimester. How exciting!


love seeing all your sweet maternity pictures, Arielle! beautiful style + baby bump. :)

My baby was born in feb- I wore leggings a LOT of the time, they were great. Having never been particulalry pregnant in the summer I’m not sure what that would be like! Lovely to see bump grow! :)

You are the cutest ever! Praying for you and baby #2


Can’t wait to see the next beautiful “Royer” boy!!

Mattea R.

such a cute pregnant momma! Those are really cute clothes(: Love your vintage outfits.
Patience is hard sometimes…but it’s definitely worth it(:

i always love your style.
you’re making me miss pregnancy, too! :) but i am just loooving my 9 month old. no rush. :)

What beautiful photos! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit and read some blogs, I’m so glad you’re on my reading list!

what a cute bump! and you wear those leggings and yoga pants and be proud!

Oh, you could completely beautiful x

My son was born on January 7, 2011 (He’s TWO tomorrow…eek!), so, I was wearing oversized t-shirts and sweatpants at the end. At 28 weeks, like you, I’m finding myself WANTING the one thing I was avoiding…being pregnant in the summer. I feel like nice dresses wouldn’t make me feel like such a bum! Hahaha! :)

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