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finding the time.

Finding the time to go out on a date, that is. :) We did that this weekend (with the help of my awesome sister) and it was so nice & refreshing! Can a date be refreshing? Haha, I say yes. We went to two coffee shops- TWO! and went bowling and just spent time together. With all this talk of growing our family (since we have another one on the way and all) it’s easy for me to lose focus that it was once just the two of us. Our newlywed days were short and the good Lord decided to give us a child long before planned….but that doesn’t really give us an excuse. An excuse to not make some time here and there to keep on dating, right? Right.

….Plus who wouldn’t want a date with this guy?! (Nice posed picture eh?) :)

P.S. Yes, it  was a funny sight seeing me being pregnant and bowl but I won! Yep, that’s right ;).




Glad to hear that you and Jay are sneaking in a few dates before the baby comes! I think it’s pretty awesome that you won bowling. Haha!

Good for you two! I LOVE that photo of you laughing! (That orange color looks great on you, friend!) Glad you guys got to go out and have some fun together-time! :)

Dating your husband/wife is always essential :) Glad you two were able to spend some quality time together, just the two of you.

good for you guys!! my husband and i don’t have kids right now but we both work 2 jobs, and he’s in school full-time and we definitely have to find the time to date still! whenever we do, it’s so worth it and we always want to do it more!

Love the laughing photo of you. Too cute!! I’m glad you got to have a date! I haven’t been bowling in so long! i’m sure it was fun watching you bowl. ;)
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Jay confessed that “his pregnant wife” beat him and “knocking down the pins’ at the bowling alley LOL Love It Terra

You go girl!! I am so bad at bowling. I’m usually lucky to break 100.


Jay looks so handsome here and you look so natural and cute and relaxed :) Isnt it nice to have a sister/babysitter? Leland loves Mckenna thats for sure. When she came home from school the other day and he was over here, he went crazy- “HI Kennan, Hi Kennan, HI Kennan!” So cute! :)

i went bowling when pregnant too. i did NOT win, but it was fun! sore back afterward. :)

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