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from the weekend.

…Woah yep, that’s definitely a bump! This past weekend was so good…and long, which is always nice. Since it’s winter (and freeeezing) sometimes it’s hard to think of things to do with a toddler, I’m finding. But this weekend, we made sure to get out at the park…taking walks and enjoying the sun. Yesterday we spent some time outside in the city and let Leland run out some of his energy :) I brought my camera along because it’s mostly just been sitting there- needing to be used!

….Trying to climb up a wall, I think.

I’m soaking in these last couple of months or so left as a family of three. Pretty soon, things are going to change and we are so excited! In the meantime, I’m enjoying the time and days we can spend before things get a little bit crazier ;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!



These are so precious! Leland is getting so big! Your bump is incredibly cute too! :)


You’re bump is beautiful!!! He looks warm there, tucked away safely, in this cold weather! The view of him in that “grey outer blanket” (shirt) is Beautiful Too!!! Love Terra (Mage)

Your family is completely adorable and so is your bump! Praying for a healthy and safe rest of your pregnancy sweet girl! :)

These photos are so adorable! Your baby bump is so cute. Congrats!!!


thanks so much jennifer! :)


thank you Margaret!! :)


Thanks Jennifer! :)

one of the things that I’m trying to focus on this year is ENJOYING every single moment. From the time I throw pillows onto the bed in the morning to driving to work with my husband & sipping coffee in companionable silence to running at the gym to loading the dishwasher late at night. Every thing, every responsibility, every task deserves to be enjoyed. In this moment.

Because things change so quickly. I don’t want to miss the bliss of enjoying ordinary things.

What a beautiful bump, and such a lovely weekend.
Enjoy these special moments x


Thank you so much for the kind comment, Caley! xo


Yes, exactly! :) Thank you, Naomi!

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