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what to do in the winter?

This winter we have been trying save some money and think of things to do that don’t involve spending any! So on some weekend days we find ourselves in old towns, visiting old stores just to window shop or explore some.

sometimes we end up at really neat antique stores just to look around….

…or wishing a pink house like this was ours (haha just kidding! but it is cute)

…or this one!

…or we find ourselves in the snow when there is some.

…nothing too terribly exciting but it changes up some of the normal and ordinary days that the winter seem to be filled with. Is there anything fun or exciting that you do to keep the winter months a little more interesting?  I’d love to know! One day, you know, we’re gonna run out of antique stores and little towns to visit! ;)


Painting, reading, and finding time to rest. I’m sure you totally get that since you have the same career but this winter has been so refreshing for me to far to be able to sit and enjoy quiet times to myself. We always find ourselves enjoying a new season of something from netflix in the winter- downton abbey :) and I spend a lot more time trying new recipes and cooking- not trying to be too fancy but experimenting with what i have on hand and can find locally. Love the photos!


Love It!!! Did I recognize the building where this all began, at your Wedding sight, or were my eyes decieving me? Beautiful Picures!

Love the colors in this post! Such cheery colors in the pictures.

That is one dreamy house there. :)
One great thing to do in winter is take up any new indoor hobbies, like sewing or diying, soaking up into a warm bath, watching movies and drinking plenty of hot chocolate please!

I love your photography. And I totally want your lace up boots ;) So cute!


Love this! Cheap weekends for the win! Your little man looks so cute in his coat and hat :)

what precious pictures. I’ve been busy lately and haven’t made it to the blogging world lately, but I’ve enjoyed catching up with you. And where are the boots from…i might need a pair.

I love those houses…even the pink one! :) I agree with Natalie! Leland looks so adorable!

Looks like a wonderful day. I love your outfit in these photos. Its so perfectly wintery!

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