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a little bit of easter.

Hello, hello! Well I am back from my little blogging hiatus. It was refreshing but I’m excited to start posting here again. I will explain why I took a little break from this blog the past month or so in another post soon. For now….we are still waiting on a baby. (Psst…when your doctor says “Oh, I’ll think he’ll be here by 38 weeks”…don’t believe him!!) ;) So yeah we are still waiting as little baby boy takes his sweet, sweet time. I cannot wait to meet him, and am getting anxious! It is finally starting to warm up here in our neck of the woods which is awesome. It is so nice to see the sun again! Although I was a bit uncomfortable this past weekend, our Easter was wonderful. My mom has truly blessed me these past couple of weeks and I am forever grateful. She made us brunch yesterday, dropped off some beautiful flowers the other day, and more. It’s little things like that that have helped me stay a little more joyful these last weeks. (Also, Easter candy is absolutely 10X better when you are 40 weeks pregnant!)

…These are just a couple photos from the weekend. I hope you had a beautiful Easter as well!

….little Leland looking soo much more grown up these days. He brings me so much joy, I love him!

Much love!