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these days.


Both of the little ones are down for a nap so I thought I would either clean, edit, or write a little something. So here I am! Writing a little something. However, I do here Leland in his room still awake singing “Ooh, Ooh, trouble! trouble! trouble!” (aka Taylor Swift) haha so this may be short and sweet. These days life is FULL- so full and I am loving every minute of it! (Well, minus all the diapers and spit up.)  I feel like the Lord really prepared my heart for this busy season with this past winter being so quiet and such a time of rest. Because now- I feel like I’m in a totally different season! We’ve sold our house so that’s another thing to throw into the mix. But I have to wonder- why is it that when your house isn’t sold yet you happen to see a handful of houses that you love– yet when your house finally sells, there is nothing! Ha! That’s just the way it works doesn’t it? ;) Anyway, packing begins soon- I don’t know where we’re moving yet but I’m excited!

These days, I’m soaking in every moment of being with my little ones, Jay, family and friends. I’m enjoying shooting sessions and weddings again. I’m enjoying working out, summer weather, and driving with the windows down listening to this song on repeat. Such a simple- but full life. And trying my best to keep it real. :) I don’t here Leland singing any more so I better get to cleaning before one of them wakes up. Much love!




Yay!! Congrats on selling the house! I bet you’re glad to be done with the carpet cleanings and house showings! :) Excited to see where God places you guys next. I bet a great lil home, wherever it is. Anyway, let me know if you need any help with the packing (or just a break from the packing… haha)! xoxo

It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying this busy season of life! Congratulations on selling your house, too! That’s great!! :) I hope God opens up a new place for y’all to live soon!

I loved this post. It made me smile. You seem so happy
I hope you manage to find a lovely home soon x

Congrats on selling the house- and Leland’s Taylor Swift solo is making me crack up!

you are such a talented woman, and sweet mother. good luck with the move! you are an inspiration to us all!

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