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I have never really been one to fit in. High school wasn’t my thing and I couldn’t wait to graduate, so I graduated a year early by taking online courses. As most of my peers were graduating high school, at 17 I was packing up my bags and headed to Texas. When most of my peers were enrolling in their first or second year of college, I was getting married. And by the time people were in the middle of taking finals and internships, I was having  a baby. Now a couple years later, I have two little ones. This is not to say that “I am better” or “more ahead” or any of those things. I just simply was always in somewhat of a different stage of life and it made it harder to fit in. Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone, but for shy and introverted me, it was.

And now that I am in my very early twenties with two little ones, I can say that the “fitting in” thing hasn’t gotten much easier. I see others with little ones but many are older than I am. This may sound silly, but in some ways I feel a little inferior to these moms who are older than me. Unknowledgeable maybe? Not really sure. I will say this not fitting in thing has always led me back to Jesus. There have been times, in these different seasons, where all I really had to cling on to was Jesus. He kept me looking to Him. Being in some seasons that may not seem the norm, is totally ok- because as Christians, we may not always look like normal we see around us. So I’ve learned to take a deep breath, rest in Christ, and be incredibly thankful for where I am. I would say that being married and having kids so young has its ups and downs….but many, many more ups.

I’m encouraged every day to keep looking to Christ, and not around at others or what others may think. God has seasons appointed for everyone at different times. Some may come sooner or later than others. It doesn’t make us any more or less than. Our worth is ultimately found in Christ. Not in what season of life we may be in- our age- or whether we actually fit in with the norm :)


What a sweet little post friend, I can relate to feeling awkwardly out of place, it is always in those moments I am so glad I have Jesus. Thank you for sharing!


It’s not that you have never “fit in” … it’s that God had a plan for you….. You “went with it”!! Just like you were supposed to!!!! You’ll be blessed for your obedience…..I think I’ll get a “spank on the rear” for sometimes, selfishly choosing my own path, ….. Love ya, Terra

This resonates so true with my life, Arielle! I’ve never felt quite like I “fit in” and your words are so comforting. It’s so true, the BEST place that will never let us down is Jesus, to find our worth in Him alone and not the standards of the world. I love seeing snippets of your life, you are one beautiful momma! :)

I can so relate to this.. Thank you for sharing for those of us who feel alone feeling this way! I connected with your posts when I first found your blog because I knew we walked down similar paths with always being ahead. I too have felt like I never fit in and it’s something that’s brought me so much heartache over the years. You are so right– thank you for the reminder to fix my eyes on the Father who loves perfectly, and not the world.

i love this post because of how much i can relate! i stayed home after high school and went to a community college, then went as a transfer student and still commuted, so i never had the “college experience”. and then i got married at 21 when everyone else around me was finishing up those four years away from home…when i had never left. it took me such a long time to be ok with the path God had for me. no babies yet, but jumping into a very small business. it’s all been part of His amazing plan for me, even if it’s been so much different than those around me. thanks for sharing, and being such an encourager!

What a wonderfully truthful post! I have often felt the same way. I had my son, Beau, at age 20! I was so young having a baby, but never felt that I couldn’t do it because I had Him on my side.Now that he is 13 years old, and being around all the other Moms – I can certainly appreciate your feelings.

This is a beautiful post… I so love your heart for Jesus ~ it comes through so beautifully! I am encouraged by your words!

you have such a good heart. always in the right place. i love that about you.

I need this reminder on a daily basis! One thing I do love is that as I’ve gotten “older” my friends’ age ranges have expanded greatly. I’m going to be 30 at the end of this year (oh my) and I have close friends in their early twenties to mid thirties. Age and experience doesn’t seem to matter as much when to comes to friendship now- and I’m sure that will be the case for you as well as you get older :)


Thank you for your encouragement, Jaimeson! I had my first at 20 also :) I appreciate your kind words and I’m glad to know there are others who have walked this same path!

Kim Romero

That brought back memories. Over 38 years ago I was married and had 2 babies by the time I was 20. I never fit in anywhere, but I loved Jesus and although I was alone in places, I was never alone. My life has been a wonderful journey- with Christ Jesus.
Your a blessing Ariel!Thank you for your post. Your babies and husband are precious. You are blessed. <3

What a beautiful post – I keep returning to Christ and knowing and accepting that He always has a plan for us. I always seem to look back and see or realise that plan later on x


What an amazing post :). Even before this post I read, I want to let you know that you are very inspiring to women young and old! When I started my businesses so young, (18), I felt out of place and not qualified, but a dear friend of mine ( older than me and lives in Texas :) told me about how in the bible, God called Josiah at such a young age to lead! Wow that encouraged me that I am right where I needed I be!! While my friends were doing college things, I was running two businesses, going to school, working an internship, and trying to do what Gods plan was for me :). I told you how there is something about you that attracts others ( other than you are super adorable, talented, and just naturally beautiful :), its your heart for God! ! I need women like this in my life to keep me rooted in being a great mommy, wife, friend, daughter, etc through God! Thanks for sharing your story always! :) your helping more women than you think :) through inspiration and encouragement :)
Love holly


Thank you for such a beautiful post! It reminds me of a scripture that has been on my mind lately. Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” Just because we don’t “fit in” to the season of life surrounding us, doesn’t mean we’re not exactly where God intends for us to be. He had something a little more special in store for you! (I just know it!) Something completely different from those around you. I am a young mother too! Most of my friends with kids are at least 5 years older than me. I wouldn’t trade it for the world :]

Arielle, I’m 27 with two little ones and still feel like I have no idea what’s going on! You just figure it out as you go :) You are SUCH an inspiration and encouragement to me. Thank you for this reminder to rest in Christ. He is constant, unmoving, and ever-loving.


Thanks for this post. You do not know, how much it meant to me.
To always look to Jesus and find strength in Him. Only in Him.


No words to describe how much this helped me a week ago! Just in time, you posted the most helpful words! Also the words from way back about God doing things in his time, was such a great help!
Thanks for sharing:)

We’re in different seasons of life, but it’s the same way for me. We’ve moved around a lot and visited lots of different churches so Im used to being the new girl, but still don’t enjoy it. I’m graduating next spring and really want to go somewhere else and b useful and all my peers are Sophmores or juniors and love this town. I’m learning to be content here, and I’m learning to fall back on Jesus. But sometimes i think it would be nice to be normal, but at the end of my life I think I’ll be grateful for how I’m different now. Thank you for sharing this! You’re such an inspiration. Not just in photography but I love your heart and the way you love your family and put them first. Someday, I want to meet you in for real life ;) xx

It’s really encouraging to hear that I’m not the only one who has got married and had a family young, and that I’m not the only one who feels a bit odd at times! It’s really easy for me to feel left out or like the other mums don’t know how to talk to me but my relationship with God is the most important. I love reading your blog and hearing about your life, far away though you are!

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