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a weekend away.

My sister (Mckenna) and I spent the weekend in Atlanta and had such a good time away! I really love that city and honestly, I didn’t take that many pictures. I guess I was just enjoying our time rather than taking pictures of it ;) We went to a concert on Saturday night (Cody Simpson…ahem, with Justin Bieber. bahaha-Yep, never heard so many teenage girls screaming in my ENTIRE life!) We went shopping, to a park/botanical garden…and walked around the city for a bit. Mckenna starts high school this week and I can’t believe it! Wow, wow, wow. I feel so incredibly old. Really, I can’t believe it! So glad we were able to spend some time together before the summer ends. Love her!

(a couple iphone pics)



I really love that one of your sister in black and white. The iPhone shots are fun, too. Glad that you had fun!

Such beautiful stunning photographs!

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Sister “bonding” time is the “whip”! Tracy and I have taken a couple trips together…Of course we had 4 to 5 kids going along… but just the time together traveling and having that much time just to talk to each other was awesome!!! So glad you got to share some “away” time with you sister!! Love Terra

Oppa Tom

Where’s the Beeb??

Mckenna is soooo pretty!! And I think she looks a lot like you in that black and white photo! No confusing that she’s your sister, that’s for sure. :) Glad you guys got to get away for a bit! Did the Biebs sing As Ling As You Love Me? It’s my fave of his. Not gonna lie. Hahahaha ;)

Beautiful images of special memories and a unique bond x

You are STINKIN’ adorable and you and your sister look so close in age! How far apart are you? My two girlies are 18 months apart and I am greatly anticipating the day when they are young adults and best friends. There is something so beautiful about a sister bond!!


In love with the picture of the butterfly!


What age are you when you atart to High School?
I’m from Norway, and never understood your system :D

I love ATL! I’m so glad you guys had fun! You two are such gorgeous sisters! :)

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