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meet my new office assistant!

Meet my new little assistant! Her name is Belle and she is a Maltipoo! Yes, we actually got a puppy…I can’t believe it. Jay and I haven’t had a dog- or a pet, since we’ve been married but now we do. Maybe we’re a little crazy to have a toddler, a baby, and a puppy but hey! It’s fun. She’s such a sweetie and is almost completely crate trained already. Not to mention Leland LOVES her and is always laughing and running around with her. It’s working out pretty well so far. We knew that we wanted a dog that didn’t shed, stayed small (she will only be 7-9 pounds), and was good with kids. I’m thankful she has a pretty laid back temperament. The only thing that we have yet to teach her is to not take Beau’s pacifiers ;) She’s the perfect addition to our home & my office!


Ahh, I love her!!

I just want to call her Cuddles. She’s soooo cute and cuddly looking!! :) Glad Leland’s got a run-around buddy! They can get some energy out together! hahaha Poor Beau, though… at least he’ll be big enough soon to keep his pacifier. LOL :)

Oh so adorable! We have a black maltipoo who is almost 3 years old, and they seriously are the sweetest. Him and our almost two year old boy are like best buds. Bella is a perfect addition to your sweet family :)


What a wonderfully adorable addition to your lovely family :]

Oh my word, she is adorable. Enjoy your new pal :)

Awww, she’s adorableee. Love her!

Oh my goodness! So cute!

Susan ~ Designs of Home

Your little Belle is adorable. We also had a lovely Office Assistant by the name of Belle! A Border Collie. Sadly, she had kidney failure and we lost her on Tuesday.

I am sure your cute little baby girl will bring you years of laughs and giggles and the two breeds in her background will make her smart and sweet!

what a little cutie pie!

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