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more than a pretty picture.

I want my life to be known for more than a pretty picture. Because thats not what life is about. Life is messy, it’s imperfect, and it isn’t always pretty. At least my life isn’t! I want to be real, transparent, and genuine. I don’t want to get caught up in the chase or desire to have things be picture perfect. The more real and transparent I can be, the better. It’s relatable, it’s real. If I want the Lord to be glorified in my life, may He be glorified in the real and messy parts of my life. Sure, He can be glorified in the pretty and serene too…but more often that not, my life isn’t always serene ;) My house isn’t always clean, my outfits aren’t always put together just so, and most of the time my kids don’t even have matching outfits on. I want my life to be known for more than pretty pictures….may it be known for how I found joy in being real…in being authentic, and the beauty in the imperfect of life.



Amen, Arielle! May our lives be beautiful and imperfect and glorify Him in every way. Here’s to messy lives!

Amen sweet girl!

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