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When we first found out that we were expecting, I think one of the first things we thought about was money. Maybe that’s sad, maybe that’s reality..but it’s true. “How in the world are we going to afford another baby?” Of course, we know God will provide but it was still a question that was at the forefront of our minds. The diapers, hospital bills, doctor bills, formula and food can so quickly add up.

We’ve kind of done things backwards (or at least backwards in the eyes of today’s generation.) When we found out we were pregnant with Leland, we were living in a small one bedroom apartment. We might not have had it all together before we got pregnant, but that’s ok. God provided. He provided when we had Beau, and I believe He will provide with this baby as well. (Let me say- We aren’t trying to just have as many kids as we can flippantly, thinking money will just fall from the sky!!!) :) But we know, if God wanted us to have this baby, then that was His plan and His plans are good.

We’ve already seen God’s provision in the last couple of months in the smallest of ways. When we went to pay off the hospital bill for when I had Beau, they let us pay off the full amount and took of $500. Now, $500, to us- was a huge blessing!! We also knew that eventually, we were going to need a double stroller. I had bought a really nice single stroller before Beau was born and found out that they had recalled some strollers of the same brand recently. Sure enough, ours was one they recalled. This meant that I could take it back to Babys R Us and get a full refund for it- $450 cash! So now, the double stroller will be practically free.

There have been little things like this that have happened repeatedly over the last couple of years and I don’t want to take them lightly. Anytime we have worried or questioned our finances, God has seen us through. Being a young family, may mean that we may not have all of the newest and latest and greatest “things” but in the end, that’s all they are…things. Once upon a child may be my favorite place to shop for my kids clothes but in the end, that’s all they are…clothes. And so, I will continue to be thankful and look to Christ as our family grows. So thankful.



I love your perspective! He takes care of sparrows, and He will take even better care of your family! :) Congrats!

wow, love and appreciate your heart, Arielle! thank you for being real. His provision is always so faithful!

Arielle! you are on the right path… remember the great things the Lord has done for us in the past and we can bolster our faith that He will remain the same old Faithful God! love you sis… you and yours are beautiful! Praise the Lord!


You’re talking about being short on cash but you bought a $450 stroller for Beau?

Arielle, you have such a gentle, humble quality that I admire and appreciate about you so much. I love watching your family grow! :)

What a blessing your boys and this little baby have been to you both – it is miraculous how God works in such wonderful ways. x


Anonymous- Sorry if you don’t feel the same way as I do but it was for a carseat and stroller combination together. Thanks anyway!

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