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18 weeks.

Hello, week 19! Well, really I’m 18 weeks on the 19th week if that makes any sense. We’ll just stick to 18 weeks ;) I have a feeling this is all going to go by so fast since my days are full of chasing two little ones. When I was pregnant with Leland I remember reading all of the updates week by week. Each week I read all of the fascinating details of everything that was happening during pregnancy at that time. And this time around, I feel like I’m lucky if I read one “your baby is the size of a cucumber” update! Haha! But really, I do want to enjoy each moment of this pregnancy and take it all in. I love being pregnant in the summer (call me crazy) so I’m really looking forward to summer this year! I’ve stocked up on cute maternity summer clothes and I’m ready for days of fresh fruit, fresh air, and lots of sun. So far, I’m feeling great and so thankful. So hello, 18 weeks and a small baby bump…

(beau running away with my hat ) ;)


Lisa Marie

You are too cute! I’m so glad to hear you like being pregnant in the summer because next time around our plans are to have a summer baby too! I’ve been pregnant twice in the winter and it makes winter drag by… Plus I always thinks a summer birthday party would be so much fun! I try to think of all the little things ;) anyways, your pregnancy does seen to be flying by!

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