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it’s a…..

….GIRL!! We are so excited! I am still a little in shock and had asked the ultrasound technician repeatedly to make sure she was 100% sure because I couldn’t believe it. The boys are going to be in for a surprise but I know that they will love having a baby sister! After these few years of picking out blue everything and talking sports and wrestling, I have to admit it’s going to be a little fun thinking about having a little girl. :) We are thrilled!


Congrats! How exciting for you and your family! I love the first photo of the boys; it’s like they’re discussing what’s going to happen once she’s here. ;)

omgOSH i am sooo excited for you. you are going to have so much fun picking out girl’s stuff for her! yay

How exciting! Congrats! :) And these photos are the cutest! And your dress is gorgeous, too :)

Awww, I LOVE this! Hooray! I would be lying if I didn’t say I would love love love to have a girl when baby #3 happens! So much blue happening over here, and while I LOVE having boys…you know, new experience with a girl…right? ;-) Congratulations!

Ohhh! That last photo of your little men is sooo good! Gah. I just want to come steal them. They’re so stinkin’ adorable. ^_^ And I’m sooo thrilled you’re having a girl! She’s going to be a little darling and I can’t wait to meet her this fall!! :) <3

Aww yay! I am sure you are so excited for the arrival of a baby girl! Imagine all the cute little outfits – I can already tell that she will be one well-dressed little lady! :)


Congratulations, Arielle! :) So excited for you and your family!


YAY a little girl! Boy/girl…it doesn’t really matter in the end…but congratulations Arielle :)

I have two little girls and I’m wondering what our third will be come September. Like the other two, we’ll wait til the birth to find out…but I wonder…

Enjoy planning for your sweet girl xx


Congratulations! That is very exciting! :)

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