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summer is…

Summer is here! I can’t believe were almost to the end of June- phew! Can time slow down a little bit? ;) I’ve been soaking up this summer with the two boys and we’ve been enjoying every minute of it. These photos totally sum up how our summer has been so far….

Summer is for playing in the woods…

…and being cute while doing so.

….for fresh strawberries from local farms. (with nutella, of course!!)

….for some Reds baseball.

….(they really love the Reds haha)

….for reading lots of books (mostly just the same ones over and over again)

…..playing in the water

…..and of course running around chasing two little boys all day long. :)



I just can’t handle how adorable your little men are! And you’re baby girl is going to be something suuuuuper sweet:) I love watching your family grow!

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