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28/29 weeks!

Phew! So here we are, between 28 and 29 weeks! I can’t believe it…this is flying by so fast! I have really, really enjoyed this pregnancy so much (minus the horrible morning sickness at the beginning.) SO thankful that I’ve been feeling good although I’m sure within the next couple of months I won’t have quite as much energy as I have had. The boys and I take a walk every day (usually I push them both in a double stroller) so I’ve been doing my best to keep up on some sort of exercise. Not only does it give me more energy, but the boys love it too.

I’ve been putting off the horrible glucose test but I guess this week I finally need to take it ;) I also have to do additional blood work and such because of my blood type so yep…fun fun! I think we’re going to finally start her nursery within the next couple of weeks and I’m so excited!! Most days fly by because I am constantly chasing two little boys. It is getting more and more real that very soon, we’ll have another little addition to our family :) Can’t wait!!


Love the picture! : ) The tests are the worst, I always push them off till they made me take them. lol


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