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I’m sitting out on the deck watching the boys run and play in the backyard. “Now is the perfect opportunity to bring my laptop out here and work” I think to myself. Beau is laughing as Leland chases him with his toy lawnmower. I hear a small voice say “watch them play…..just watch them play.” No phone, no computer, no work….just enjoy watching my boys run around being….well, boys. Because you know what? Some day they’ll grow up. Some day I’ll still have the phone, the computer, and the work. But some day I won’t have two little boys running around my backyard squealing and chasing each other.

I want to live in these moments.

I want to pause during these times.

It’s ok to live in these moments.

They pass way too quickly, so I am going to cherish them.


wonderful words + wonderful photo!

You are wise, mama! This is a never-ending battle for me….wanting to use those happy and peaceful moments to “catch up on something” whether it be blogging, laundry, or anything really from the never ending to-do list. But you are so right… day that is all we will have! But today, just for a short, short time we have them. Running and laughing and playing. What a good reminder, thanks for sharing.

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