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32 weeks!

Helloooo 32 weeks! Goodness, I feel like I was just 32 weeks pregnant with Beau! (haha, because I mean that really wasn’t that long ago!) ;) Anywho, here we are and it is officially August! Which means her due date is next month. The end of next month, but regardless….it’s not that far away! We have a couple of extra appointments this week….another ultrasound, and an echo for her (my pregnancy is a two vessel cord which has meant more testing.) Even though this pregnancy has meant more appointments and such, it really has been so easy and quite enjoyable considering the fact that I chase two toddlers every day. For that, I’m extremely thankful! Now we just have the next two months to patiently wait :)



what beautiful photos for you to have to enjoy in the years to come. And my your boys have gotten big!

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