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39/40 weeks!

Well here we are! Thought I would update one last time since it’s been a while since the last one :) We will be meeting our little one this week and I am so excited. This pregnancy has been so good, really. Despite the multiple doctors visits a week, it really has been the easiest of the three pregnancies. I’ve had more energy than I expected- even with chasing around Leland and Beau. Not to mention, the boys and summer have kept me busy so it has really flown by! I’m looking forward to seeing how they will do with a little sister and I am a tiny bit nervous (ok, maybe a lot) as to what life will look like with three little ones. Busy, I’m sure! Maybe a little bit overwhelming at times but I’m excited. Not too much longer now…



You are just the cutest pregnant person I may have ever seen!! Congrats on a baby girl to add to the boy clan! I must know where your shoes are from….they are the greatest looking boots!!


Lari Michelle

I want to know where the shoes are from TOO! Those are awesome! How excited you must be! I can’t want to see your next post! Weird question… what kind of camera do you use Arielle? I would love to know! :)


Yolanda Fields

Busy/overwhelming with 3, yes… and no. It’s great how God works out a child’s development because the older kids are more independent and newborn babies can sleep… a lot! And from what it looks like, Leland is even gone to preschool for part of the day, so you’ll just have 2 during that time. God will give you the strength/help you need. It’s amazing what even a little prayer for God’s help before starting the day with the kids can do in making a positive difference in whether the day ends up being overwhelming or not. So happy for your growing family! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little girl. =)

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