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reagan: one month!

This little miss turned one month! I can’t believe it…that month flew by for sure. While I’ve been learning and figuring out life with three, she is definitely a perfect addition to our family. Leland loves her and is always bringing her toys and pacifiers, or trying to get her to wake up- haha! Beau makes sure to give her plenty of kisses which is adorable. For now, she mostly just sleeps but I’m excited to see her start smiling and have a little bit of personality. Oh, and she’s still itty bitty and 8.5 pounds. So glad I had a good stash of newborn clothes because she is definitely getting good use out of them!
P.S. Yes, I got this monthly idea off Pinterest. ;) I already had this banner so I loved the idea!


Lari Michelle

That’s so precious Arielle! Great idea. Pictures will be so treasured later as well!

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