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october 31.

I took out my camera the day before Halloween and took some pictures of the boys and Reagan in their costumes. I will be totally honest- I had to give them m&m’s so they would hold still for .2 seconds! Ha! We’re not huge fans of Halloween but we do love passing out candy, meeting our neighbors, and having the kids dress up :) This year the boys were Buzz and Woody….only because they absolutely love that movie and have only watched it a zillion times! I’ll be posting more photos from Fall that I’ve taken on here as well as a session or two. Not sure how many people still read blogs, but I still love to update this little space! It’s so nice to have a place to put some thoughts as well as photos. Anywho, here are some photos from Halloween!


Lari Michelle

So precious! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures!

I read! Just haven’t been able to comment like I used to. I love their costumes, and your little extra touch of an apple next to Reagan. Perfect!


Beau looks like he has suddenly grown up! That’s what being a big brother does to you I guess;)

Oh my goodness! Beau is so big!! When did that happen?! haha They looked sooooo adorable, friend! :D

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