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photos from fall.

Now that it’s almost winter (and supposed to snow tonight) I thought it was a good time to post some random photos from fall. Can I just say that I am so sad that fall is over?! That summer is over?! It seems like summer just ended yesterday, and yet here we are…it’s almost winter! This summer and fall were some of my favorites. I had so many wonderful memories from those seasons and I wish I could bottle them up and keep ’em forever. I loved my pregnancy with Reagan this past summer, I loved the first few weeks she was born this fall. Such sweet, sweet memories. At least I have a few photos to help me remember this beautiful season!


Wow, your little girl already looks so much like your boys! I have been reading along for a long time, and can certainly see the resemblences of them all. They look a lot like your husband, but have your eyes:-) I hope winter will be good to you too! x Margriet

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