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I haven’t really posted too much since having Reagan but that’s about to change. ;) Three kids has been an adventure to say the least, but I have loved it. Seriously, genuinely loved it. From hearing stories from others when I was pregnant, I thought we were going to be drowning and in over our heads once Reagan came. “With two – you have enough hands! With three…well, good luck.” Don’t get me wrong- there are moments (many moments) where I am overwhelmed. But I still take showers, I still fix my hair, I am not completely drowning and our house doesn’t look like a zoo. I didn’t realize how discouraging it was to hear about how crazy three little ones were going to be. How full my hands would be! I got that life would be more difficult- I get that. But I didn’t hear too many life-giving words and how my heart would be so full.

For me, I think going from one to two kids was harder then two to three. Maybe that’s not everyone’s case but that it was here. Leland was very jealous of Beau so it made the transition from one to two that much harder. Beau hasn’t really been too jealous of Reagan (I was surprised! He mostly ignores her or kisses her- ha!) and they both love her. Leland has also been a big helper which is great!

I wish I would’ve known a little over a year ago when we found out that we were unexpectedly expecting, that everything was going to be alright. Everything was going to be just fine- a little crazy, maybe the house a little messier- but not too crazy because God knew what He was doing. He knew what we could handle and what a blessing each of our little ones are. Today, I’m very thankful for these gifts and for the strength He gives each day.

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” psalm 127:4
Sarah Davis

Love your heart Arielle. I’m not a momma yet but your post about motherhood are still an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your blessings and gratitude with the world – a true gift!

Sarah Davis

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Arielle, your three are so gorgeous!
I am feeling the same as you…one to two was much more challenging than two to three. And I also feel like my littlest has the paparazzi (his two older sisters) all over him too ;D

Leland is so big! Welcome back to blog land. :)

This is so lovely to hear my friend – you have such a beautiful family and God has really blessed you with three beautiful miracles. You are a beautiful momma and I am so glad you are enjoying it all!! x

I love this so much. Going from 1 to 2 was much harder than 2 to 3 for me as well. And while there are moments of overwhelmed, it is not a continual state of chaos and frustration. It’s real life, yes, and that means messes and tears, but it also means more beauty and love than I ever dreamed. I love your heart, and the way you speak life to the rest of us mothers!

Love this post, sweet momma!

Arielle-I have been reading your blog since you were a mommy of 1. Your photography is stunning and you have such a beautiful gift for capturing the essence of life and family in this life God has given us. It’s so encouraging that you put motherhood first, before all else. You are a beautiful writer and I know God is using you to inspire other mothers in the season of the little years. I have 2 girls (15 months apart) both under the age of 3 so I can relate. I love blogging but I’m in a season where I just can’t do a daily blog post. I want to cherish every moment and I always feel encouraged after reading your posts. I just launched my lifestyle photography business and I hope to collaborate with you some day! Have a beautiful Christmas!

Ashley P.

Hi there Arielle! I’m brand new to your blog and love your photography, encouraging scriptures, and views on life in general :-) if you don’t mind me asking, how old are your boys? My husband and I have one sweet little guy and are letting the Lord decide when to bless us with another :-) thanks for sharing!

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