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Present. When 2016 came, that was the word that came to mind. I want to live in the present, this year (and always.) Last year was a really difficult year for me- a year that I didn’t do so well with “living in the moment.” I was waiting for whatever I was going through to just be over, and it made me miss out on some precious moments. But here we are…a new year.

My prayer is that I will live for the present. Whether that means putting my phone down more, or not posting on social media as much, or being content with where I’m at. You see, I’m the kind of person who is always looking for the next. The next season….the next house…the next whatever it may be. I even buy my kids clothes for the next season way (way) ahead of time. Truth be told, I’ve always sort of been this way. I’ve found it’s not a very enjoyable way to live because there is so much to miss out on in the here and now.

“Each of us is given one day at a time to be faithful- that is this day.” sally clarkson

A different house, a new milestone, a different season will not satisfy. It will not make one any happier. Today is what I’ve been given! Today I will watch my kids as they play and not wish it away. I’ll be content in the moment, and not wish time away. It is simple, but that is my prayer for 2016. To be present.



This is beautiful and so true! This is exactly what I struggle with also! Thanks for sharing!

I can totally relate. I think it’s almost a safety mechanism to look ahead. And it’s just as hard for me to let go and live in the present, to literally be present for my kids instead of worrying about all the other stuff I need to be doing. That’s the life of a mom. My middle child’s name is Beau Hudson. Small world!

So true. With our third baby being tiny I found myself thinking ‘how is she already two weeks/ one month/three months’ but looking back means I don’t appreciate how little and lovely she is right now rather than what was. I’m also trying to put my phone down more and ‘wherever you are be all there’ I’ve got up as a painting I did in our lounge.

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