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So I’ve thought about it and thought some more…and I am going to be blogging again. More frequently, more often. More writing too…. Not sure who will be reading, but it is something I enjoy so that’s that :) I hope that you had a wonderful Easter! We enjoyed spending time with both sides of our families! The kids loved their Easter baskets of course and they had so much fun searching for eggs in the yard with my brother and sister :) Here are a few photos from our day…

Searching for hidden eggs in my mom’s yard…

…and of course climbing trees in their nice clothes ;)

…these two love my mom’s cat and kept talking to it through the screen door bahaha

…took a quick picture at the end of the day of reagan but boy! we were all so tired, including her :)




Happy Easter! I’m excited for you to get back to blogging :)


Glad to hear that!Love your blog!

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