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beach trip part two.

Here is the second part of our trip in photos. These are more like family picture tries and more posed pictures, I guess. This is not every day life for us- I actually had the time on this trip to do my hair and wear something other than yoga pants since Jay was off work obviously- just a little FYI :) I rarely took any photos on my phone during this trip and mainly just had my camera, and I’m so glad I did!! I love being able to take pictures of the three of them just playing or doing what they normally do instead of always looking at the camera. So I mainly take photos of them just doing their own thing, that’s what I want to remember when I look back on photos like these years from now….

…she loved the water!

…love this guy.

…our family picture attempt- ha ha.

…so sweet :)

my boys…they are the best friends (when they’re not fighting ha ha)

…bahaha their faces

…until our next trip :)



They are such sweeties. I love the photos of Reagan and Jay! So sweet!! :) And oh my goodness… I feel like Leland is more of a little man every time I see him. hehe :)

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