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sometimes, the words just don’t come out the way i want them to so i haven’t written on here as much as i’d like to! life is so much different than it was at this time last year. some parts are crappier, but a lot of parts are extremely better…no more post-patrum anixety- yay! that was rough. also, my parents are now divorced since this past year which i saw coming in hindsight years ago. so much change in a short period of time. life also has a funny way at throwing other things at you that you didn’t see coming. you can either let it knock you down or you can pick yourself back up, and keep marching forward. i’m doing the latter. there have been people that have come and gone in my life, people that have broken my trust, people who have been two faced, people who make me wonder what they think of me. i can either let it knock me down, or i can pick myself back up, and keep marching forward. i’m doing the latter. moving forward….in hope, in love, and in Christ.

in brighter news, some things i am really thankful for lately….

– my husband’s dreams/work ethics

– my kids (not to mention leland’s 500 billion questions he asks daily ;) )

– younique foundation (i’m a fan! and no, i don’t want to sell makeup but thank you)

– that it is almost SUMMER

– my new photography logo! (soon to come! because i still do photography- can’t help it, love it!¬†even if i don’t do it as often)

– this song that gives me all the feels…



thanks for reading all these ramblings- haha! until next time…. xo!


I just adore you. I really love this post and I feel so encouraged because I have similar feelings.

Sending you love and light through this difficult time and season in life – it is truly amazing that you have managed to still find the positive through it all x


I also had post partum anxiety. And I had never dealt with anything like that before. My youngest is 13 months and I still struggle with sleep but other parts are better. Did you do anything to help with the anxiety?


thank you jhen!! trying to stay real, yet positive. much love to you!!


thank you so much caley!! xo


Oh, my….I tried essential oils, teas, everything. It got so bad that I went to see a cardiologist because I had heart palpitations so often I thought something was wrong with me (it was all anxiety!) From Panic to Power (a book) helped a lot- and prayer! Now, I have very little anxiety and feel back to normal for the most part. Much love to you!!

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