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influence and purpose.

“Mothers, you are the divinely-appointed teachers and guides of your children; and any attempt to free yourselves of this duty is in direct opposition to the will of God. if you neglect them, the consequences are swift and sure….spend most of your time with your children. sleep near them, attend and dress them; let them eat with their mother and father; be their companion and friend in all things and at all times.”

“The above quotation was gleaned from a wonderful book a friend gave to me called Golden Thoughts on Mother, Home, and Heaven, published in 1878. The words still resonate, especially in today’s culture where the imagination for how mothers can affect the overall well-being of the soul of the next generation has been lost.

It’s not to say that women can’t work or do other kinds of ministry. But a culture who has lost the imagination of the importance of motherhood, leaves children at risk. Children are the next generation of adults who will make decisions from the foundations of their souls. If wisdom, righteousness, faith, education has not been a priority of shaping for them, they will be deplete of wisdom, and they will go into adulthood with sawdust souls.

So, each mom has a different puzzle, but she has to keep what is a priority to God at the center of decisions in life, and when she seeks the heart of God, her legacy will be one of faith and faithfulness and will have implications for eternity.” ~s. clarkson

Thinking about these words today, as I juggle all the things that come with doing photography on the side and being a mom to three little kids. My job as a mom is indefinitely important and I try not to forget that. In the daily, in the mundane, I know it has impact and a beautiful purpose. Not just now, but for generations to come.

“My influence of my children is limited by the smallness of my dreams and my lack of commitment to the Lord and His purposes.” s. clarkson


Hey! I’ve been a fan of your photography since I remember. Now I found out that your family’s last name seems to be Polish. Does your family come from Poland? :)

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