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charleston + beach family photos.

We took these pictures back in July but I forgot to post them! I promise I will post more things on this blog than just family pictures- for now, I’m just catching up ;) When we visited Charleston a couple months ago, we visit a few different beaches and the kids loved all of them. One night we took a few photos…it was super windy! But I think they still turned out ok. I just let the kids do their thing (usually always the best way to photograph kids) and so they picked seashells the entire time taking these. When I look back, I thought my belly was huge back then during that trimester. Ha ha! I should have remembered what it was like to be as far along as I am now :D Anyway, I’m glad we will have these photos to look back on and remember our trip to South Carolina!

…Jay has a picture just like this we took like 6 years ago!

…so sweet!

…I don’t remember how far along I was here- maybe 24 weeks?

…so grateful for them <3


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