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with open hands.

happy monday! i can’t believe i’m posting twice within a day but we don’t always have internet at ourView full post »

a beautiful calling.

today while i was reading my devotions, i was totally encouraged. i am going to be honest.. sometimes, thoughts runView full post »


…these two, i love dearly. other than my relationship with the Lord, they are definitely my main priority. latelyView full post »

the good shoe project.

the other day i purchased a pair of tom’s shoes. i needed a new pair of shoes on the days that i that i am notView full post »

i work for a King.

my mom sent me this quote a couple weeks ago and i loved it. (she always finds the best quotes.) i snapped these twoView full post »

a small piece of life.

i wanted to write a little “statement of faith” on my about page as to why i blog, what i blog about, andView full post »

goodbye, pinterest.

not sure if you’ve heard of pinterest but it’s a website where you “pin” different things thatView full post »


today i’m going to rest in His peace. listen to some good music, spend some time with my little one, and thank theView full post »

a few things i’ve learned.

i’m still amazed and in awe that i have this precious gift. i am shaping and teaching a tiny life that will growView full post »

a little encouragement.

i want to encourage you today. wherever you are, if it’s glorifying Christ…keep going. lately i’veView full post »

mother’s day.

i am so very excited that this is my first mother’s day! my mom has been such an inspiration and light in my lifeView full post »

planting trees.

planting trees …a while back i sent this song by andrew peterson to my mom. there was a line that really spoke toView full post »

guest post: thoughts on modesty.

hellooo blog ladies! my name is jay, AKA arielle’s hubby. i thought i’d share my take on modesty to hopefully giveView full post »

is he “the one”?

there is a question i get asked sometimes on here: “how and when did you know jay was the one God had chosen forView full post »

what i wear.

yup, this is my daily kinda outfit. just wanted to throw this out there. i don’t know about you but i love toView full post »

living examples.

i am going to be honest, today i was driving and thought to myself…”i wonder if i should get one of those fishView full post »

love begins at home.

i love these two quotes by mother teresa. they are such great reminders for me living my ordinary day to day life. iView full post »

being still.

(note: i don’t normally wear boots and sit in a doorway when i read, haha…i usually just have sweats on andView full post »