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house tour: master bedroom

So I’ve been trying to finish up all of my sessions and weddings before the little one gets here. Hence my absence on this little space! :) I wanted to do a house tour since we have lived in our new home for a little over a year now. When we moved, we painted (well..we hired some pros!) every single room. Every single baseboard. Every single door- everything! We added crown molding, did renovations, changed fixtures, tore down ugly wallpaper and kept painting ;) All in all, we put a lot of work into our home to make it our own. I’ve redone certain rooms since we’ve moved and Beau has switched rooms with the new nursery. I know there is probably more to do but we sure did work a lot over the past year. For now, I think we’re going to take a break with renovations…..and paint!

First up is our room! The master bath alone was painted a dark grey, green, and tan. We used the same furniture we had at our old house, all craigslist finds. I’ll post a couple more sources for where things are from at the bottom of this post! We did our best with being on a budget and tried to stay creative with what we already had :)

I love finding picture frames (for cheap) at discount stores. Sometimes you have to search, but it’s worth it!

So thankful for all of the natural light in our bedroom!

The print above is just a printable from Etsy- there are tons of etsy and you print them on your own! :)

Bed & Bedding- Ikea
Old Door, Trunk, Wood crate, Peace & Love Sign- Antique market finds
Small White Rug- Homegoods
Large White Rug- Etsy
White Bookcase- At Home (Garden Ridge)




Ooo sigh. You have the best taste!! What a beautiful room!

- Melanie (

33/34 weeks!

It’s crazy to think there will just be a couple more of these little ole updates and then Reagan will be here! I can’t believe we are on week 34. We weren’t able to do the echo and extra ultrasound last week so we have those appointments coming up next week. When I went to the doctor last week I’m measuring right on which is wonderful! I’m so thankful for my doctor and his wisdom and direction….and patience with me and all my anxieties (aka white coat syndrome.) I’ll also not complain when all of these doctor and hospital visits are over ;) The next couple of weeks we’ll be getting Leland ready for preschool, finishing up my remaining sessions, and her nursery too. After being in our new house for a little over a year, I’m going to do a little house tour on here too soon….you know, for anyone who cares to see- haha :)  Much love!!



You’re so stinking adorable. Laughed at the last picture, its so cute! I’m always up for a good house tour, so looking forward to yours. :)


I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog over the last few weeks and it is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Lari Michelle

You’re so cute! Can’t wait for the tour!

blake + priscilla | engagement

 Oh my goodness it was so incredibly hard to pick out which of these photos to blog! There were too many because, well…this couple is absolutely adorable! Seriously. I’m already so excited for their wedding! Blake and Priscilla are so relatable to me because Jay and I were also a couple who got married young. :) I’m very excited for them and their future that God has planned for them!! Not to mention, they are a gorgeous couple. I tried my best to narrow down my favorites ;) Here are a few…

Ah, they are seriously beautiful!!

Loved this old barn and this location! :)

Ana pennekamp

Stunning love these pictures Blake& Priscilla

32 weeks!

Helloooo 32 weeks! Goodness, I feel like I was just 32 weeks pregnant with Beau! (haha, because I mean that really wasn’t that long ago!) ;) Anywho, here we are and it is officially August! Which means her due date is next month. The end of next month, but regardless….it’s not that far away! We have a couple of extra appointments this week….another ultrasound, and an echo for her (my pregnancy is a two vessel cord which has meant more testing.) Even though this pregnancy has meant more appointments and such, it really has been so easy and quite enjoyable considering the fact that I chase two toddlers every day. For that, I’m extremely thankful! Now we just have the next two months to patiently wait :)



what beautiful photos for you to have to enjoy in the years to come. And my your boys have gotten big!


I’m sitting out on the deck watching the boys run and play in the backyard. “Now is the perfect opportunity to bring my laptop out here and work” I think to myself. Beau is laughing as Leland chases him with his toy lawnmower. I hear a small voice say “watch them play…..just watch them play.” No phone, no computer, no work….just enjoy watching my boys run around being….well, boys. Because you know what? Some day they’ll grow up. Some day I’ll still have the phone, the computer, and the work. But some day I won’t have two little boys running around my backyard squealing and chasing each other.

I want to live in these moments.

I want to pause during these times.

It’s ok to live in these moments.

They pass way too quickly, so I am going to cherish them.


wonderful words + wonderful photo!

You are wise, mama! This is a never-ending battle for me….wanting to use those happy and peaceful moments to “catch up on something” whether it be blogging, laundry, or anything really from the never ending to-do list. But you are so right… day that is all we will have! But today, just for a short, short time we have them. Running and laughing and playing. What a good reminder, thanks for sharing.

summertime maternity photos.

Jay and I took these photos well over a month ago but I realized I never posted them! I’m not doing any sort of maternity session or anything so I guess this can count for one ;) I wasn’t even sure what to call this post “summertime maternity photos??” I guess that sort of what these are. Anywho, weeping willows always make for good pictures and thanks to my husband for taking these!  It was fun to get all dressed up for no reason- haha! My dress is from Asos Maternity.


These are TOO TOO TOO gorgeous!!!! Oh Arielle, I wish you lived closer and could take MY maternity photos someday :)

You are so lovely Arielle! That is an amazing dress. And I love the name Reagan!
- Quiet Light Blog

You are simply stunning!! And I’m not even pregnant but I STILL want to go buy that dress. THAT is how lovely you are.