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snow days.

Since we are on our way home from vacation, I thought it’d be a good time to post some photos of all the snow we’ve had at home lately. The boys loved it! And it really was beautiful (but I am definitely now ready for spring!) Beau was the biggest fan definitely :) It was so, so nice to get away from the cold weather while we were on vacation. ;) Here are a few photos from our snow days…

…I made Jay “model” for me out there ha ha!

…Reagan loved it too ;)


These are the cutest pictures! The snow looks so fun. Sometimes I think I am jealous but at the same time I’m loving the sunshine!

reagan: five months!

This little peanut turned five months on Monday! Pretty soon, she’ll be sitting up on her own- she’s almost there! She is still a really sweet and content baby. (Except when she’s hungry then that’s another story.) Her brothers seem to keep her entertained (especially Leland) and she loves it! Leland is constantly making her laugh which is pretty funny. She’s also a chubby thing and is pretty long for her age! I guess she loves her food- ha! I can’t believe it’s been five months already- boy does time fly by. We love her!


baby keepsake shadowbox DIY

This DIY was on The Little Umbrella but thought I would share it here also! After Reagn was born, I had a lot of small keepsakes that I had kept from her birth and around the time she was born. They were all kept away in a box and finally decided I wanted to make something that would put them on display. This baby shadow box keepsake is very easy is the perfect baby project!

List of Materials:
Shadow box (you can find these inexpensively at your local craft store or Homegoods)
Baby photos (or ultrasound photo)
Small keepsakes
Glue gun
To begin, choose all of the elements that you would like in the shadow box. For example, I chose some baby photos, a couple of newborn headbands, a hospital announcement, and her date of birth. I also painted some of the chipboard with acrylic paint.
Second, I added her birthday to one of the chipboards. Next, it is best to lay each piece to the shadow box out before hot gluing it into place. Some of the photos and elements may need to trimmed to fit.
After you are done trimming and glueing, you will have a beautiful baby shadow box to put on display!​

my go-to closet staple.

Have ya’ll heard about Evy’s Tree? If not, it is a must! :) Being a stay at home mom (and photographer) my wardrobe consists of a lot of outfits that are easy to throw together and put on. I don’t have a lot of time most days to put on a well thought-out outfit and although I love wearing dressy clothes- let’s be real…sometimes it’s just not practical with little ones. I found Evy’s Tree not too long ago and absolutely love them! They make some of THEE cutest hoodies and sweatshirts and are absolutely adorable. They are practical- and extremely cute- and versatile! I seriously wear mine multiple days a week. Yesterday, they released the tomato red Brilla (which I’m wearing in the photo above) and I love it!

Here are a few other photos I have from wearing some of their other hoodies that I adore! (These are the Sophies)

I’m genuinely a huge fan and hope you love them just as much as I do! xo



These are so cute! I am going to check them out!


These pictures are not perfect but that’s what I love about them!! I love these three so much and they were kind enough (ha!) to let me take a few pictures of them together. ;) The boys seem to be getting sweeter the older they get. Last night, Leland told me he was going to take me to the ‘Prince Ball’ (whatever that is- sounds cool!) He came into my room first thing this morning and told me he needed to buy me green sparkly shoes because we were going to this prince ball. Haha! These are the sort of things they come up with on a daily basis and I love it. All of the frustrations and tantrums make up for the times when Beau is (constantly) asking where I am or when Leland calls me a princess. And Reagan, well…her little smile with those big cheeks gets me every time. Love ‘em!

…Beau doesn’t look so sure about this picture taking thing….

…Beau, grabbing a chocolate I gave him so that he’d hold still, Leland’s just not into it, and Reagan- ha! ms. cheeks :)

…brotherly love ;)


Oh oh oh, the cuteness!