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my better half.

In the midst of the busy-ness of life, of being a mom, running after two little boys….I’m always reminded how thankful I am for this guy. I’m thankful I have someone to stand by me, someone who encourages, someone to laugh with. When I met Jay when I was 17 (0r 18?) we had no idea what this life would bring us or where we would be today.  It’s been a whirlwind but who better to go through it all than with your best friend. I’m thankful for someone who is after God’s heart, and who doesn’t care when I don’t make dinner 4 (maybe 5…) nights in a row :) He’s definitely my better half.

Much love!!


Emilia Marte

Arielle I like your photos and I am glad with you and husband Jay, God bless your wonderfull family.

so sweet!

confession: we eat cereal a lot of night for dinner…lol

I love this! That is exactly how I feel about my husband! I love that after 7 years of marriage I love him way more now than I did in the beginning!


I haven’t done one of these “daybook” posts in a while and at first, I’ll be honest, I was like “who wants to read this stuff anyways?!” But, oh well. I think it’s a neat little thing to have on here once a week so I might keep up with it. What do you think? :)

it’s cloudy and dreary, as it usually is this time of year. to be honest, spring can come any time now :)

about how fast time is going (how is my baby 9 months old already?!) although some days seem extremely slow.

being able to stay home with beau and leland. super thankful.

to be more disciplined. i’ve been going to the gym a few days a week which has helped a ton with self discipline!

a project life album this year…. we’ll see how far i make it :) going to post about it soon.

to try my absolutely hardest to make dinner each night this week. (not the best cook…at all!)

the sound of our wind chimes outside as i sit in our quiet house. and also playing a little bit of music.

that the little ones take a nap today ;) and maybe i can take one too? ha! yeah, we’ll see.

has been being able to slow down this winter. i might complain sometimes about the cold, but it really is nice to sloooow down.

make those dinners every night ;) ! get a little more organized and start on business taxes (yippee)


yes! do more of these :) love that photo.

Yay! You’re doing Project Life this year?! It’s the BEST. This will be my 3rd year of doing it weekly for the entire family. The first album I did was solely for my oldest son’s first year of life. I just love how simple it is, but how creative you can be with it and that you get to document every single week, which means all the little things and the big things too. I hope you can stick with it. It’s definitely a bit hard to keep on top of it but at the end of the year it is SO worth it to go back and look over it.

A weekly daybook is a fun idea to commemorate the year. It will be fun for you to look back at in 2015. I might have to give that a try. :)

I love this picture! Your photography is lovely. (:

Hello Arielle! I’m a first time commenter, but have read your blog for some time now :)

You have SUCH adorable boys! LOVE their smiles :D
Currently listening to the song you linked with Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham – awesome song! These guys are great!
I really appreciate how you talk about the Lord on your blog :)

My husband and I have three small boys – 3, 2 and our youngest turned 1 yesterday, so I know what you mean about time flying! I can’t believe my baby’s already a year old!

I was curious – how are your boys with nap time – easy/difficult nappers? Do they tend to nap around certain times of the day?

We have one nap time after lunch and lay each boy down at different times so that they all end up in there at the same time for at least a little bit. Our 1 year old used to take 2 naps and when I noticed him staying up longer, I decided to try and join him in on his brothers’ nap times to get a longer break. They all share a room now so usually the baby goes to sleep first, then our middle son and then our oldest. It doesn’t take them long to fall asleep so within 30-45 minutes usually all of them are out. Something else we use that has been a HUGE blessing from the Lord has been “My Tot Clock” (mytotclock[dot]com). It’s a toddler clock that has really helped our boys go to sleep easier, stay in bed during nap time/bed time and helped them to learn when to get out of bed in the morning. I know nap times can be difficult, so I hope you find this encouraging! When they all nap together, I call it “The Hallelujah Hour” because of the silence haha. I need it so badly just to regroup and regain perspective.

Blessings! You are a beautiful woman of Christ!

just because…

posting these pictures i took a few weeks ago while beau crawled around the house, just because. because i love this age and the stage he is in and i want to remember it. i want to remember the crawling/almost walking, sweet cuddles, and his little face in my camera :)

….so curious :)

….thankful for these small little moments that make my days so much brighter.



Dying. of. cuteness.

He has the most luscious little baby lips!! Seriously, so handsome. Growing up so fast too!

He is too sweet, Arielle!

2014: a year to simplify.

Hey, 2014! You’ve come quicker than…..well, you’ve just come real quick. 2013 was almost a big blur and I don’t think I was ready to say goodbye to the year quite yet but…here we are. I’m not going to over-spiritualize things here so to be honest, I haven’t really made any goals yet. Yep. My only goals so far are to 1. cook more homemade meals (in other words, learn to cook) 2. spend less time on my phone 3. blog a little bit more and 4. simplify. I guess those count as goals, right?! :)  But really, the the best thing I’ve read about the new year talked about simplifying and de-cluttering the soul. I need to do that. It reminded me of Micah 6:8 “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” I want to live like this in 2014. You can read the blog I’m talking about here and below is a quote from it written by Sally Clarkson:

“Don’t worry and fret and stew and stir up unnecessary dust. Choose simplicity—just one thing I require—that you give it all to Me and love Me. I will take over. Even as I gave and provided a Sabbath in which all of my children should have rest from their work, so I want you to live in My Sabbath rest for your soul. Rest from your striving and labor. Take time for naps, for pleasure, for joy. This day you have to receive as a gift–I can’t promise what tomorrow will hold. But today you can love, give peace, speak kind and wise words, dance in your soul with My secret pleasure that comes from knowing that I love you. Simplify your life, don’t make choices that will complicate or add unnecessary pressure or cause you to sin or grumble. “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life,” as Paul said. “ 

Sometimes people (including myself)  tend to over complicate things more than they need to be and this year…I want to take each day at a time, soak it in-loving and walking humbly with the Lord. Loving my husband, boys, and those around me along the way. Here’s to a beautiful new year!!

P.S. LOVE my new simplified planner from Emily Ley!


“…declutter the soul.” I love that! And that verse really resonates with me as we start this new year. I want to chase and meditate on what it looks like to Walk Humbly. Thank you for sharing! Hope you are well.

Oppa Tom

I don’t know if I ever told you.. that I’m very proud of you and love you very much.

Yes! I always feel like simplifying and minimizing things at the beginning of the year. On New Years Eve night I was going through my closet and getting rid of a bunch of things… I just get that urge to make things less cluttered and busy. And then I feel ready to breathe and be and tackle whatever’s next. And I, too, am LOVING my Simplified Planner!! It’s so much easier for me to keep track of my days right now with it. I feel like it’s going to be a life-saver this year. Haha :) Here’s to a more simple, more beautiful 2014. xoxo

Yes! This is how I feel. Your last three goals are the same as some of mine but ultimately I just want to rest in the knowledge and embrace of God and work for His glory from His strength. I love the simplicity of Micah 6:8 and how it sums up both our goals for this year!

Thats my goal to get off my phone and make more homemade meals!

Thank you for sharing that devotion, it really puts in perspective what we should/should not be worrying about!


Thank you Hannah! :)


Yes- awesome! :) I hope I stick to those two things!


Very awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way :) Blessings,Annie!


So awesome!! You got one too?! I love it! It is the “seconds” one with some imperfections but I still love it even so :) Love the quotes in it too!!


We love you too!!!!


Thank you Jessica! :) Hope you are well also! xo

the ordinary.


Today I’m knee-deep in the ordinary…in the mundane. Maybe you are like me, changing diapers, making macaroni and cheese, cleaning up toys all the day long. Or maybe you are sitting at a desk working 8-5 watching the time pass oh so slowly (I’ve been there!) Maybe you are like me and keep seeing things over social media about “making goals for 2014″ and the only goal you have in mind is to make dinner tonight. Maybe you aren’t any of these things, but I sure am. Lately I’ve been in some sort of slump about how small my day-to-day life seems. But on the other hand, how wonderful and blessed I am to be able to do the “little” and “small” things. My mom sent me a quote this morning and couldn’t have been more perfect.

“The discovery of God lies in the daily and the ordinary, not in the spectacular and he heroic. If we cannot find God in the routines of home and shop, then we will not find Him at all.” ~Richard Foster.

Yikes. I guess it’s time for me to start looking for Him in my usual and not always exiting routine. That’s my prayer today. My prayer is an attitude change, and to find contentment and beauty in the ordinary of today.


Ooh… that’s a good quote. I need to look for Him more in my “every day.” I think everyone feels this way at some point, though, no matter what their “ordinary” looks like. I’m sitting at a messy desk, on my third cup of tea today, chugging through work from home… that’s my ordinary. Sometimes it feels fun and fresh. And I truly DO love it. But sometimes, it’s a struggle to be content… to not wonder if I shouldn’t be doing something else. And that often comes from comparison and looks like “doing something else like _________.” I think we both know how that goes. ;) Your ordinary is exactly where God wants you to be right now – so is mine. And while we’re in these places of mac and cheese and answering e-mails, we’ll see what He wants to reveal to us. These moments are no greater or no less than the other. Your making mac and cheese is just as important as me typing at the computer for a client. It’s different, sure, but we’re different people with different callings in these seasons. Be blessed today, sweet friend. You’re being faithful in the small things, and He will bless you in them! xoxo

I know EXACTLY what you mean.
I’ve been in that slump lately myself… in fact, God just pulled me up and out of my slump this morning. It is SO hard to be a mommy and wife, along with juggling all of the other responsibilities outside of motherhood and marriage. It can easily become overwhelming. Thank God for encouraging moms who pray and send us uplifting quotes!
Don’t worry, friend, you’re not the only one whose current life goals simply involve getting dinner on the table.


The “repetivness” of any lifestyle, makes one weary at times!! That’s a normal feeling and does not diminish the fact that your heart is in to those demands of everyday life. I was a single working Mom,,, and to this day have guilty feelings for my shortcomings!! The only “ONE” that we will be perfect to… is in the eyes of GOD!!! Through his grace! You’re Awesome!! Love ya!

Though I don’t comment often- I love your blog :)
I wish I could have more time for the “little things”- it seems like my life only consists of work and more work. One day you will look back at this time in your life with fond adoration- This time you are able to spend with your boys is something both you and them will cherish. I hope your spirit is renewed as we roll into the New Year! xoxo


thanks for this…as i’m sitting here after putting the babe to bed & enjoying a cup of tea fretting about not fitting in at a brunch tomorrow full of people i used to feel so connected to because my life has become so “small” now that i’m a stay a home mom…i needed that. none of this is small…and if it is, it’s wonderfully small….


Thankyou for sharing that quote and your thoughts. This is much more inspiring and encouraging than planning to go on more adventures and take more chances. My life is so ‘small’ too, small but deliberately placed and valuable.

“Maybe you are like me and keep seeing things over social media about “making goals for 2014″ and the only goal you have in mind is to make dinner tonight.”

YES! haha. I feel the same way often. But you, your mom, that quote are all right – none of this is small work! It is kingdom work. You are raising boys that will grow up and be men of God, raising families who love Jesus. Praise God for such a wonderful calling! Keep up the great work. :)


Contentment is “learned” as Paul says in phillipians. it is something that throug hexperience we teach ourselves to do. Paul had to learn to be content. I think for many ladies we think its “greener on the other side”. we are never happy. The sermon on sunday from my church was about contentment in this new year and finding peace in where God has you, 1) Contentment is found in the prodivdence of God. 2) Contentment is found in the power of God. 3) Contentment is found in the promises of God. A heart that is content rejoices in the Lord. It is an ongoing struggle for many of us, but with the Holy spirits power we can be content and be happy where GOd has placed each one of us. For me it is being single at 22 (with no prospects hehe ) at my church. I want to be a wife so bad, and i have to trust God and wait. :) .. and be content. <3

thank you for sharing this quote! happy 2014!


Thank you! :)


That’s beautiful!! And I definitely agree :)


I’m glad I am not the only one that feels this way!! Keep pressing on and I hope you are blessed! :) ~ Arielle


Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words, Britney!! :)


Ah, so glad I am not the only one who feels this way!! Thank you for your uplifting words and encouragement, Becky!! :) Blessings!!! ~Arielle

Loved that quote. sighs, so timely.

the ordinary. | arielle elise cebbvpulgx lunette louis vuitton pas cher


And just like that, Christmas has come and gone. I can’t believe it! It has been such a wonderful month and I am honestly a little sad to see it go. I’ve felt so blessed and have loved every minute of spending time with our families. It has been so awesome seeing Leland, as he gets older, become excited for holidays like Christmas. It was adorable seeing his face light up on Christmas morning! It is so fun to experience the holidays with these two little ones. I took a ton of pictures over the holidays but instead of bombarding you with a ton I’m just going to post just a few favorites on here. :) I hope that you had a blessed holiday as well!!


You are beautiful and so is your family. Blessings to you in the next year! PS. Is that you with the short hair?


Grinning from ear to ear!! Love it!

Merry (belated) Christmas, friend! Looks like it was a blessed and beautiful one! :) I can’t get over how much Beau looks like you! xoxo


Thank you so much! And nope, that one with short hair is my sister :) Thank you again!

Aww..cute baby