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eight years!

Eight years. I can’t believe it has been 8 years since we were married! It seems like those years have gone by in the blink of an eye. This year has been really refreshing (if that’s a good word to use) for us and our family and I am excited to see what our eighth year of marriage has in store. I have a feeling this year will be a little crazy busy, especially adding another little one to the family. But we are excited! Marriage teaches you (or at least me, many lessons)… shapes you…and I really think it makes you a better person. So thankful for Jay- his patience, his integrity, and keeping tabs on me when I shop a little too much ;)  Grateful for his friendship and love. Here are to many more years together!

P.S. We are so anxious to meet our new addition to the family here soon! Eeek!


charleston + beach family photos.

We took these pictures back in July but I forgot to post them! I promise I will post more things on this blog than just family pictures- for now, I’m just catching up ;) When we visited Charleston a couple months ago, we visit a few different beaches and the kids loved all of them. One night we took a few photos…it was super windy! But I think they still turned out ok. I just let the kids do their thing (usually always the best way to photograph kids) and so they picked seashells the entire time taking these. When I look back, I thought my belly was huge back then during that trimester. Ha ha! I should have remembered what it was like to be as far along as I am now :D Anyway, I’m glad we will have these photos to look back on and remember our trip to South Carolina!

…Jay has a picture just like this we took like 6 years ago!

…so sweet!

…I don’t remember how far along I was here- maybe 24 weeks?

…so grateful for them <3


trip to charleston.

At the beginning of July we took a few days to explore the city of Charleston. It was so insanely beautiful! The kids loved it- Leland especially loved learning about the history of the city. We loved the old buildings, the beaches, the history- everything. Jay and I agreed that we will definitely be back to visit (maybe when it’s not so hot and humid!) The kids loved watching dolphins, collecting seashells, and walking around seeing all of the horses with carriages pass by. The character and architecture of all of the homes and buildings were so gorgeous. Not to mention, so many flowers were blooming when we were there! We took a lot of photos (some which I’m going to post separately) and we can’t wait to visit again!


^These are totally posed Lol we loved these trees! They were so pretty!

These are from our visit to Boone Hall Platation- where they filmed part of the Notebook- beautiful!

The kids loved Folly Beach…and there were seashells everywhere!



Hi Arielle! It’s been forever since I said hi (we met officially at an I fluency Conference years ago)! Hope you are doing well! I was wondering where you stayed in Charleston? I am planning an anniversary trip for my hubby and I and am on the hunt for a hotel/airbnb to stay at! I’d love any thoughts you could throw my way. Ps. These pics are epic. I totally want to go to the planataion where part of the Notebook was filmed!! Thanks for sharing that.

28 weeks!

Hello, third trimester! We actually took these a week or so ago, but wanted to post them! I have so much I want to post including our trip from Charleston- sometimes instagram and Facebook just don’t cut it :) So blogging them it is! We are at week 28 and I can’t believe we are nearing the end of August! Where did the summer go?! Just kidding, I really feel like this has been a long summer to be honest. Not in a bad way at all, but there has definitely been a fair share of swimming and spending time outside and traveling to go around. I’ve honestly never been so excited for Fall! Trying to savor every moment but pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy leaves, and cool weather all sound real nice right about now.

This pregnancy has gone so quickly! No complications, minor tiredness, and really just a lot of craving Grater’s ice cream- ha! Thankful that it has been easy and I don’t take it for granted. I’ve tried to stay walking almost every night I can which has helped I think with energy :) Not too, too much longer to go…



22/23 weeks | magnolia plantation and gardens


Last week we were in Charleston and it was simply beautiful! (Hot, and humid…but definitely so beautiful nonetheless.) We visited Magnolia Plantation and Gardens and it was gorgeous- so I wanted to snap a few pictures for a quick weekly update. These were take when I was 22 weeks, and now I’m on week 23 (I think…the doctor said I’m either 22 or 23 weeks so obviously I’m going with the later – haha!) There are definitely a few things that are different with this pregnancy than the others:

– Time is going way quicker
– I am more active with this pregnancy than any other, trying to walk every day and I’m still lifting weights
– ….which means I am up in weight a bit since I am hungry more often but eh, oh well. I do feel healthier
– Showing much more, and much sooner
– We still have to buy all the baby things (minus a crib/dresser) because we thought we were done having kids…so that’s fun ;)
– Picking out a name is much more difficult!
– Way less anxiety when it comes time to go to the dr. to check on the baby which is a good thing (…fourth time around I guess it’s about time!)

We are soaking up these summer months, and the time that the boys don’t have school which is making everything go by quickly. I’m grateful for a healthy pregnancy thus far! The kids are excited and Reagan is excited to be a big sister….





Guess I’m gonna have 3 girls to love… all together ..

That is such a gorgeous dress! Where on earth did you find it? Photos are beautiful too, looks like a lovely place to visit.

fourth of july!

Hope you had a great Fourth of July! The kids had so much fun and loved all of the sparklers, pop-its, and fireworks! :) We went to a fourth of July parade a few nights ago with my sister and her boyfriend- the kids loved getting all of the candy. We are really enjoying making and creating new traditions for our family <3