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These pictures are not perfect but that’s what I love about them!! I love these three so much and they were kind enough (ha!) to let me take a few pictures of them together. ;) The boys seem to be getting sweeter the older they get. Last night, Leland told me he was going to take me to the ‘Prince Ball’ (whatever that is- sounds cool!) He came into my room first thing this morning and told me he needed to buy me green sparkly shoes because we were going to this prince ball. Haha! These are the sort of things they come up with on a daily basis and I love it. All of the frustrations and tantrums make up for the times when Beau is (constantly) asking where I am or when Leland calls me a princess. And Reagan, well…her little smile with those big cheeks gets me every time. Love ‘em!

…Beau doesn’t look so sure about this picture taking thing….

…Beau, grabbing a chocolate I gave him so that he’d hold still, Leland’s just not into it, and Reagan- ha! ms. cheeks :)

…brotherly love ;)


Oh oh oh, the cuteness!

reagan: four months!

Reagan turned four months old a few days ago- four months old! I can’t believe it. She is growing like a weed! Leland is still her BFF and absolutely loves to sing with her and make her smile constantly. Sometimes I still find myself saying “hi little man” or “hi big guy” when I pick her up- haha! Horrible, I know but I am so used to saying that to the boys! :) She smiles so much and still loves to talk. I’m trying to soak this all up and enjoy every bit of it. With Leland and Beau I couldn’t wait for their next “milestone” but this time around, I can wait :) Pretty soon she’ll start eating cereal and I’m sure she will looove it. She started to roll over this past weekend too, my goodness. This is going a little too fast- time, please slow down!


So beautiful. :)


I’m from germany and I looove your blog!
Can’t write so much, because I am not good at it (in english).

Best wishes!

these small days.


To me, these days are small, imperfect kind of days. They are unseen, and hidden filled with mostly super ordinary moments. My kids and I wake up and typically do the same routine day after day. They get up, I make them breakfast, then usually try to get everyone ready for the day over the course of what seems like (or probably is) hours. I try to find positive in these moments, but sometimes its just so stinkin’ hard. The boys are fighting or making a mess, Reagan is crying, or another load of laundry is waiting to be done.

No one sees these moments, where I try my best to love even when I’m extremely frustrated. No one sees the thousandth dish being washed, the argument I try to break up, or the house being cleaned over & over. But then I remember that God sees. He sees these ordinary moments when I feel overwhelmed. He sees the messes and daily life, yes He knows! Sally Clarkson writes “A radical life for Christ is not always visible to outside eyes.” How true this is! Even when I feel like I am doing the absolute mundane, He is watching.

Sometimes I just need to change my perspective. “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” Colossians 3:23  When I remember that Christ sees my small days of being at home, hidden and unseen- I remember that it isn’t some small task. He knows and He sees- and then my frustration is turned into joy because in reality, I am doing it for Him. I’m raising my little ones so that they will know His love- and that makes all the difference in the world! So yea, these are definitely what I’d like to call “small days”….but they’re only small when I think of them that way. They are significant His eyes.


Yes! It can be so disheartening especially when dirt just keeps coming in the form of dirty floors, dishes, clothes. I am trying to remember that it’s not what you do but how you do it- doing it for God and trying to glorify Him in this hidden work.

just because.

I’ve been cleaning up and organizing my computer lately and came across this picture of Reagan. They are from well over a month ago but wanted to post them just because :) I had always thought I’d be a mom to boys so having a little girl is sorta fun (especially since I love the color pink!) Still getting used to it but so far I love it. So much different than having boys, both precious and definitely special in their own unique ways. xo


new year, new changes!

Happy New Year! Some changes are coming to my photography business and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Since I’ve started this business almost five years ago, I focused mainly on weddings. I called myself a “Wedding Photographer.” Now,  I am going to be shifting my focus to lifestyle photography in the coming years.

Being a lifestyle photographer, for me, just makes sense. I love families- I love kids- I love the season of maternity…all of those things are my heart. I live and breathe art- I’m also in a family and I am with children day in and day out. What better way that to capture life through families and kids? I love to photograph the beauty of every day – the beauty in the smallest of moments.

I used to think that being a wedding photographer was “elite” but that simply isn’t true. Being a lifestyle photographer is just as important, and is essential in preserving memories for generations to come. I fully believe that.

So what does this mean? This doesn’t mean that I won’t be photographing weddings. I will still do a few select wedding each year. (I have weddings booked for 2015 and couldn’t be more excited about them!) It means I will be doing more family, children, and maternity type- sessions but will also be selective. My number one focus right now is my family and little ones and it is going to stay that way.

I am very excited for this change. My logo has had a small re-brand as well as my website and this blog. I’m excited for the extra free time I will have to blog and write. I’m excited to do what I love and have a heart for. I hope you and yours have a very wonderful New Year. Thank you for following along on this journey with me! Here’s to 2015 and all that it has to offer :)


I love your new logo. It is so fitting and so you! Love your new direction too! Miss you!! Xoxo

Rebecca Barnes

Hey, I was wondering if your could offer any advice on how to start a photography business and how you came about starting yours? I’ve admired your photos for some time now, and having an interest in photography from doing it at college (UK) I want to focus this year on how to develop photography into more than a hobby. I’ll be doing small wedding photography at a couple of family events this year, but apart from that I haven’t got much behind me and would appreciate any advice.
Many thanks,

how neat! I’m excited for you. Sounds like a great move for you and your family. And I love the rebrand! Happy 2015!!!

This is awesome news! Good luck and I can’t wait to see everything!

Makes perfect sense to me – these other moments are just as significant in a lifetime as a wedding.

Love the new look!!! It’s beautiful!! Excited for you and your new changes. Sending love your way!

Yay!! I love that you’re changing things up – both in shooting and in your branding look! The colors really liven things up and reflect your work well! :) Excited for you, friend! Here’s to 2015! xoxo!