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22 weeks!

More than half way there! Woo! I feel like time is seriously flying by. This summer is going to go by so fast, I have a feeling. We got to see the little one on the ultrasound again a few weeks ago and even though this is our third, it is still so surreal! It’s just as amazing to me as it was having our first. I’ve had more anxiety this time around though, which is weird because you’d think there would be more of that the first time. But whatever, it’s probably crazy hormones or something :P I’m trusting God fully and leaving all of my cares and anxieties in His hands (which is sometimes easier said than done!) Oh and we’ve got a name picked out for the little miss and I’m debating on sharing it or keeping it a secret. What do you think?? I feel like it’s more common now days to wait until birth to share the name but I think it doesn’t really matter- haha! We’ll see ;) Much love! P.S. My dress is from Asos- I think they have some of the cutest maternity clothes ever! :)


You’re the cutest Arielle! Your boys have such great names bad I can’t wait to hear your little girl’s name! I’m sure it’s lovely!

you look beautiful! i already feel like i’m going to be more anxious second time around, i think you just know more. anyway, can’t wait to hear her name :)

So excited for you! The name can wait, of course. ;)

With love from the Philippines,
The forever curious Katrina

I say surprise us! I’m all up for waiting. Like JJ said, I know its going to be lovey. You two picked out such great names for your sons.

You’re stunningly beautiful!

five years later…

…and this guy is still my favorite to “date.” Haha, that was cheesy huh? It’s been a couple weeks (more like a few weeks—this post has been in ‘drafts’ for forever!) but we went out to see Nickel Creek (and took a couple pictures ;) ) It’s always so nice to get a break with just the two of us even if it’s for only a couple of hours. With little ones, I know that it’s not as easy to find time for the two of us to go out and do things together, but I think it’s so important! Between cleaning up, chasing the boys, trying to keep life in balance…sometimes it’s seriously hard to find time for just the two of us. But I’m thankful for those times where we’re able to go out, and feel like a young couple again ;) Oh and Nickel Creek was awesome, and are definitely worth seeing live! 




A very special couple who deserve these special celebrations. Thank you for being a true inspiration as I have followed your journey x

all things new!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. After a long winter, spring just seems so much sweeter and there is so much to be thankful for (especially the warm weather!) These are some quotes from Sally Clarkson about spring that I read the other day and just love…

“Spring is a picture of rebirth and resurrection. It proclaims anew each year that there is a powerful river of life ever flowing in God’s creation that can never be held back or stopped. Tree sprout buds, grass grows, flowers bloom, and birds come back to sing because God has ordained a beautiful rhythm of returning life. It is His design.” 

“God is pleased when we learn to celebrate life and good things He has given us. We bring him joy by accepting the gladness found in the gifts He has provided. We will all walk through many seasons of springtime in our lives. They are bright, innocent, promising days that can fill our spiritual and emotional tanks for the future, but only if we will enter into their joy and their adjustments with grace. Winter will come again soon enough. How important it is that we choose to celebrate beauty when we can, storing up joy and happiness to revisit in the cold of winter nights ahead.” 

“Spring is a time to live fully in the present, love deeply, and celebrate the newness of life as it comes our way.” -Sally Clarkson

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Rev.  21:5


Love that last quote! And SO glad it’s spring!! <3

These photo’s are simply amazing!

18 weeks.

Hello, week 19! Well, really I’m 18 weeks on the 19th week if that makes any sense. We’ll just stick to 18 weeks ;) I have a feeling this is all going to go by so fast since my days are full of chasing two little ones. When I was pregnant with Leland I remember reading all of the updates week by week. Each week I read all of the fascinating details of everything that was happening during pregnancy at that time. And this time around, I feel like I’m lucky if I read one “your baby is the size of a cucumber” update! Haha! But really, I do want to enjoy each moment of this pregnancy and take it all in. I love being pregnant in the summer (call me crazy) so I’m really looking forward to summer this year! I’ve stocked up on cute maternity summer clothes and I’m ready for days of fresh fruit, fresh air, and lots of sun. So far, I’m feeling great and so thankful. So hello, 18 weeks and a small baby bump…

(beau running away with my hat ) ;)


Lisa Marie

You are too cute! I’m so glad to hear you like being pregnant in the summer because next time around our plans are to have a summer baby too! I’ve been pregnant twice in the winter and it makes winter drag by… Plus I always thinks a summer birthday party would be so much fun! I try to think of all the little things ;) anyways, your pregnancy does seen to be flying by!

the best is now.

Every now and then I’ll catch myself saying “Oh, Ill be able to do such and such when the kids are older” or “I’ll be able to pursue and chase that ambition after the kids grow up some.” As if I’m anticipating the “better” and the best is yet to come. But lately when I’ve caught myself saying those types of things, I’ve stopped myself. The best is not later- it’s not in a future ambition or future goals and plans….the best is right here, right now.

These years when I’m knee-deep in everything little kid/baby/toddler- these are good years. To always be thinking of the ‘then’ will only make me miss the good in these years now. The days may be simple (and sometimes long…very long) and they may ordinary and mundane….but they are blessed and good. They are years I will never get back and to pass them up and wish them away would be a shame.

I pray that I keep my eyes on the present…enjoying each day, each moment. Because before long, they’ll be gone and I’m sure I’ll be wishing them back. The best is not yet to come, years away….the best is now, right in front of me.


You had me at “the days are very long”! :). Actually you had me at all of it! I am so right there with you! When Joss was born we had to leave our dream job because we had her! It was hard and I used to really tell myself… One day!

But you are so right! The best is now. Discipleship is now. Beautiful admittance! I think of your days as I go through my long days and every time I think of you, I pray for you! I pray that in your long days you see Jesus!

Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. Let’s enjoy the now, dear!

With love from the Philippines,
The forever curious Katrina

Erinn Rhoad

Love your dress! So pretty! Where did you get it?

an easter to remember.

Easter- one of my favorite holidays! I could sit here and tell you that we all got dressed up, went to church, ate some delicious candy, and had a wonderful Easter this year. But then I’d be lying :) We didn’t go to church, we didn’t dress up (hello, sweatpants!), and we all had the stomach flu! Yay! Thankfully I was feeling 50% better on Easter day so I hid some eggs for the boys to find. Other than that, we stayed inside. (And let’s be real here, we drank way to0 much gatorade and watched way too much tv.) Anywho, we’re all feeling better now which is a big “hallelujah!” but boy, that will definitely forever be an Easter to remember :) Hope your day and weekend was blessed!

I loved that Walmart had some of the best (and most affordable) Easter stuff! So cute!!

…hahaha I could caption this picture in a million ways. Basically how we all we’re feeling- ha!


Oh man… the stomach flu is the worst. We got hit with something over here, too… but thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Poor Beau! That photo made me laugh, but also want to give the poor guy a good hug. haha :) I hope you’re all feeling better!! <3

PS – Tell Leland to stop growing! ;) Golly, he's looking so grown up!!