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a little announcement!

A week or so ago, we announced that we are expecting baby #4! I was a little nervous to announce, but we are truly so excited. The kids are ecstatic, they really are so excited. We are so, so grateful for the encouragement that we’ve received so far. I’m praying for a healthy pregnancy, and I’m so grateful to be pregnant during the summer months! (When you’re pregnant in the spring/summer and beginning of fall I feel like there are so many more opportunities to stay active and be outdoors.) Eeek, we are so excited!



SO SO excited for you all – CONGRATULATIONS again!1

Great news! Congratulations !

north carolina trip.

Over Leland’s spring break we took a quick trip to North Carolina- it was beautiful! We rented a house through Airbnb and spent a day at the Biltmore, and did things around Asheville. We took the kids to dig “jewels” and they loved it! The Biltmore was gorgeous as usual, and everything was blooming- especially the tulips! Leland loved reading all of the signs around the house about the history and what happened when. I thought the kids might be a little young to take, but they ended up really loving it! They got to eat ice cream at the village, and they visited the little petting zoo there too. On the last day, we took a hike up to Max Patch which was so beautiful! Mountain views in all directions. Here’s a few photos from our trip! :)

The kids loved running around everywhere around the Biltmore!

I had to stop and take a photo of these Canola fields- so neat!

Our little hike up to Max Patch…

…thankful for these three! I’m glad they like to travel as much as we do :)



spring orchard.

Lately I’ve debated blogging more and have honestly missed it! I know “blogging” isn’t as popular as it once was, but I still think its useful. There are so many times where I want to write my thoughts out and have a place to post other than social media. I’m going to try and post here more often, as I can :) Also…Happy Easter!! Happy Resurrection Sunday, this is one of my favorite holidays. It’s such a beautiful time of year, I just love it. This past week, the kids got a little surprise, and a bunny joined our family! We aren’t planning to have a dog or anything for a looong time, so this is the perfect first pet for them. Leland adores him and he helped me come up with the name Bruno :) The kids want to go out and check on him first thing every morning, so cute. These are some of their Easter photos we took last week- I had to post!


Yay! I’m so glad you are blogging again…
What a cute bunny, my girls are desperate for one but they are still too young!

I cannot believe how tall your baby girl has got!

colorado trip part II.

Finally posting part two from our trip, that was taken almost two months ago now! Haha- I’m slacking on here a bit :) It has barely snowed here this year, so I’m glad we were able to take this trip where there was snow- lots of it! We spent a day in Breckenridge and it was absolutely breathtaking! The drive there was a little scary in my opinion because it had snowed and snowed days before. The scenery reminded me of something from a movie- just gorgeous! The kids loved it too. Mckenna took a lot of video which was awesome. We loved having her with us (and she was a huge help too!) Here’s a few photos from our day in the winter wonderland….

almost got all five us looking at the camera….almost.

…little eskimo! lol :)




Gorgeous pics!!!

colorado trip part I.

In December Jay was in a wedding in Colorado so we decided to pack up and go with him :) My sister was able to come along too! We absolutely loved Colorado Springs and every place we visited! During the first couple of days since Jay was with the wedding party and such, Mckenna and I took the kids out and explored some. The boys loved the mountains- Beau now is always saying that he wants to go to “Codorodo” – ha ha! The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed our time at the Garden of the Gods…

…the loved the snow- ha!

…the cute little place we stayed at in Colorado Springs!

…this guy just sat there and posed for us! ;)

…one day we went to the Colorado Springs zoo- it was literally on a mountain- so cool!

…those cheesy smiles!

…pretty sister!

….I’ll be posting part II next! :)



Love it……….. the boy’s look so handsome…. and “look like they share a “cool” brotherly Bond…….. and Reagan…. looks honory as me ……… beautiful……..but I wouldn’t wanna “tick her off”…….Terra

a new year!

2017 already? I can’t believe a new year is here already! (And yes, we are already almost to the end of January but still…a new year!) I’m so excited for what God has in store for 2017. I’m praying for new adventures, opportunities, peace, and joy. This past year God has shown me what it means to stay joyful, and I’m praying the same for 2017. Joy- is different than happiness. Joy is having a continual peace even when you’e going through tough things- knowing God is on your side. Life is tough, right? Life is not always sunshine and rainbows although, I feel things like instagram and pinterest can almost paint that picture nowadays. But life have it’s twists and turns….there are bumps in the road and there are mountains to climb. But joy- in the Lord- keeps us going. It keeps us pressing on. It keeps us feeling loved by God, even when there are dark days.

My prayer for 2017 for you is this: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


Be blessed and be loved.