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a trip to the orchard.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. I think the kids love it too ;) When we went to the pumpkin patch (& orchard) this year, I think they picked out at least fifteen different pumpkins ha ha, they loved it. (and no we didn’t buy all fifteen!) These are memories I want to remember with them because I know one day they’ll be too old to do this sort of thing (then again, no one’s really too old to go to a pumpkin patch,right?!) They loved picking the apples too, so much fun!


…She’s always sticking that tongue haha




leland = six!

Happy birthday Leland! Can’t believe you turn SIX today! Where has the time gone? I remember just turning 20, bringing you home from the hospital not really knowing what I was doing ;) but we made it. You have been a great blessing to our lives.

We took a couple pictures and drove around a bit when we were in the mountains last week ;) Leland, I love your personality, your creativity, and I’m so grateful to be your mom! Happy birthday lil man!!


sunflower fields.

A month or so ago we visited a sunflower field about an hour away and took a few pictures. It was absolutely beautiful!! The kids had fun and reagan loved all of the flowers. You can’t tell from these photos but it was so crowded! So many people were taking family photos, etc. which is pretty cool. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these or not because I’m not sure who reads blogs much anymore but hey! oh well :) Posting them anyway ;) They are memories that I want to remember with my kids…


reagan’s farmers market birthday.

Reagan turned two this past week- I can’t even believe it! We had her birthday party the weekend before, and she had so much fun! She loved everything, and they had a lot of fun with the whole farmers market thing.  :) A lot of the decor I already had and had also been collecting things whenever I’d see them at antique flea markets, etc. Some of the things are from the Pioneer Women line at Walmart- ;) ;) So much fun and she had a blast! I may or may not have taken too many photos, so I tried to limit them but these are a few of my favorites…

She loves, love Minnie mouse! She may or may not have gotten a lot of Minnie things ;)

We let her take a bite of her cake- Lol!

Apple bobbing in her new fairy wings from her MaGe (grandma) he he!!

Reagan’s Market sign: Junkyard Daisies

Reagan’s Dress: Nooks Design 

Headband: Little Lady Accessories 

Cake and Cookies: Sherrie Gammie’s Cakes

Invitations and printables: Sassaby Parties


So, so sweet! Looks like her birthday party was lots of fun!

reagan: tea for two!

Sweet Reagan Brielle, I can’t believe today you turn TWO! You were born, then I blinked, and now you are two…I just can’t believe it. I adore your personality- you are so spunky, super girly, yet you love your brothers and all that they do. You love your headbands and shoes, you love to pose when we take pictures…you love to dance, sing, and you love reading your books. Minnie mouse, your baby dolls, and riding around in your brothers’ Power Wheels are some of your favorite things. You are gentle, yet strong and I am so excited to see you grow and learn. You already have such a kind heart and I feel so blessed to see you grow each day! We love you baby girl. Happy Birthday!!




When Jay and I photographed a wedding in Miami last month, we took an extra day to sight see and explore. We loved the city, the views- everything was beautiful! It was so, so nice and we are so grateful to our family for taking our kids for a few days :) It was definitely such a nice time away on top of photographing a beautiful wedding. I took some photos as we walked around and enjoyed the city and beach…. here’s a few photos from our stay!


Gorgeous pictures!! So glad you got to do some sightseeing there :)