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balumtine’th day.

i wrote this letter to my “future” husband on valentine’s day five years ago. i was sixteen. it was around that time that i knew that i wanted to wait until the right guy came along instead of dating around. it was a prayer for patience, for guidance, and for him. i wrote “even though i do not know you as i write this, i have to wonder. what? when? where? but He knows. i’m trusting Him.” little did i know that a few years later i would find someone who truly loved Jesus and would be my husband.

i gave this letter to jay on our wedding day. his story was much different than mine but that is the beauty of it. God knew what He was doing even when we had no idea. words cannot describe how thankful i am!

happy valentines day to you, and yours. and even if you don’t have a “valentine” continue seeking Him, because He is our first love. simply enjoy today…eat chocolates, listen to some music, and watch a balumtine’th video


love, arielle



Thank you for posting this, Arielle. I hope you and Jay have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

a very sweet story :)

this is beautiful. happy valentine’s day, sweet friend!

Arielle I don’t know if I am overly emotional today or what, but this post brought tears to my eyes! I love your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

so so so BLESSED to have found another blog that is run by a believer on fire and in love with our FIRST LOVE (revelation 2). I too, recently, wrote a couple of letters to the future hubby and have saved them in a private blog for him to decipher and read through some day. I sometimes feel the urge to pray for him about miscellaneous things as well. I know my God has someone amazing in store for me and I have only had one boyfriend in my life and I believe the LORD only has one other man in store for me for the rest of this earthly life. Until then I really, really want to grow into a more intimate and loving relationship with CHRIST, because without the relationship with the one who made it all I will never find what He has for me in creation on this earth. Love you sis! Keep encouraging and being a blessing!


psalm 37:7

:) You make me so happy. I want to have those same desires!

so sweet! I love looking back! :)

so very, very romantic and sweet! xo

I like that you said “balumtine’th day.” Did you get that from the Dave Barnes video? If so, we are already kindred spirits. Also, that letter is so sweet! I wrote letters to my future husband around 16 too!

What a wonderful and beautiful idea!

Awwwww *tear

a saturday date.

i remember the first time jay and i went out together after leland was born we really didn’t know what to do with ourselves. i was so uptight and constantly thinking about how leland was. it was honestly, kind of awkward. what were we supposed to do? just sit there and talk about what a huge roller coaster of emotions we had just experienced by having a baby? or do we talk about how much sleep we were lacking? anywhoo, now that we are four months into this, it was such a blessing to be able to go out for a day! i have loosened up a lot and it was so much easier to just enjoy the day. i was blessed to be able to have my mom and dad watch him while we were gone.

we drove about an hour away and visited an awesome little town i love! it is only about ten minutes from the plantation where we were married so we stopped there too. (we only stayed for a couple minutes though, because it was being rented for a wedding.) there was beautiful scenery the entire drive so we stopped by some old barns and i tried to take a picture of the both of us, haha. we went to antique stores, ate lunch at a little café, and searched through a music store. it was so nice to spend the day with jay and have our own valentine’s day date a little early. here are some pictures from our day:

my attempted pictures of the both of us

love him!

the colors in old towns like these are beautiful!
love the textures and bold colors for pictures…a photographer’s dream ;)



These photos turned out so lovely! I especially love the fourth one.

i loooove your entire outfit! you guys are seriously the cutest couple… ever! where did you get your boots? i’ve been looking for something similar! happy valentines day! xx Kara

Gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous pictures. I am SO glad I stumbled across your blog.

You guys are a beautiful couple and I absolutely adore what you’re wearing :)

I’m a new follower and voted for you on TBB!

these are gorgeous! i love little towns like that one! have you ever been to georgetown, wilmore, or harrodsburg (all in ky)? judging by the pictures you take, i think you’d really like those places! :)


First I’d like to say that I’m glad you got to have some time together, I was like you, uptight about leaving my baby…but you need that time alone. Second I’ve been trying to vote for you blog but I’m not sure how to do it…do I just click on your name?? I’m going to keep trying, I love your blog it has been such a blessing in my life =)


thank you so much! yes, the alone time is much needed, i am finding that out….it is definitely good for the marriage :) oh, i know…the voting thing is a little strange…but if you go here: and just click where it says “click here and your vote will be added” the vote will be counted and just bring you to the main topbabyblog screen :) many blessings to you this week!


thank you hope! :) i will definitely have to check out those towns sometime!

I LOVE this outfit on you.

what a fun date!


Hey Arielle!

I just stumbled across your blog and have no idea how I got here but I instantly loved it! Every single one of your photographs is so adorable, serene and harmonious! <3 Also you two seem like a genuinely happy couple!

a wedding video.

once upon a time, some home videos were taken at our wedding and stored away on my parent’s computer. then the computer crashed and the videos were gone forever. or, so we thought. about a month ago we were able to hook up the old computer’s hard drive to some crazy thing and i was able to get the videos off of the computer!
so here is a little wedding video i put together. (a little late!) we got married on a plantation and it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony (but sadly it rained.) it made everything much more intimate and i loved it. the video doesn’t really do justice to the weekend we spent on the plantation so you can see some wedding pictures here.

happy friday!


p.s. the winner of the wonderfully made giveaway is megan! congrats :)


What a beautiful wedding! The tenderness between you two is heart-wrenching! (Oh, and I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much!)

I’m so excited about this video! It made me dream about my wedding video….just so precious. You looked beautiful on your day and you are such a gorgeous couple. I love that even thought it rained you still had a wonderful attitude. Some brides get so crazed about having it their way but what most of them forget is the REASON they are getting married. So touching. <3 May God bless you guys!


Very beautiful Arielle, You two looked very happy and definately in love! I saw that kenzie caught the bouquet,(she needs to wait a few years) LOL..May you have as many happy years together as Steve and i have had, (24years in June). God bless you and your sweet family. :) Love,Penny


That was such a beautiful video, the song was perfect and it brought me to tears. I loved it! you did a wonderful job!!

Yay! I think this is the first thing I’ve ever won :) By the way, I’m a good friend of Annie and Mike’s, so that’s how I’ve come to read your blog. So excited about my necklace! Thanks! Do I need to email you?


aw, thank you so much for the sweet comment :) !

aaawww!! i’m so happy you shared this with us, love, and you used the perfect song! :)


So sweet, Arielle. Something about a wedding makes me instantly tear up. Even a complete stranger’s. You two are blessed, thanks for sharing!

I’m pretty sure you had the most beautiful wedding ever, and you turned such a simple home movie into something spectacular! You two are my new favorite couple that I’ve never met!!!!


this is going to be a weekly thing i do. i try and write out posts on sunday nights that way it doesn’t take away from time spent living life. but this one is a little different. i got this lovely idea from here (just tweaked it some.)

there are overcast skies.

that spring should hurry up and get here :) along with some sun.

beautiful friends and my family who are caring & thoughtful and make my days a little brighter.

to be content. i am always learning and re-learning this. i have everything that i “need” and not everything that i “want” and i’m ok with that.


to make myself go to the gym this week. as much as i hate working out….i will do it!

leland talking and trying to wake up and parachute playing in the background

nothing at the moment (i need to change that.) but i am watching this.

that i go on a long date with jay very soon!

are little messes. mainly just baby toys all over the floors.

is listening to my husband play the guitar while i work.

appointments, cleaning, picture-taking, book-reading, and hopefully just maybe a date?

a few random pictures i found:


This is such a great idea! I checked out the blog you linked to also. I think I’ll join in. You know, it’s easy to journal about major events, but these are the little snippets of life we’ll want to remember as the years roll on by.

ooo! i think i’m going to do this on my blog, too! :) such a neat little idea! also, i loved what you said about contentment. that’s really been on my heart lately. it’s so hard to get wrapped up in the things that we want…whether it be material or in our relationships (what we want someone to be), but in reality, we have everything we could ever need. it’s difficult sometimes to choose to be grateful…you look around at some people and think “i wish i had what they had” (again, material or relationship-wise), and then you know that there are others who wish that they had what they needed…the things that we already have and take for granted. such a reality check, huh? sorry…did not mean to make this so long! thanks for the inspiration!


LOVE it! “The High Calling of Motherhood,” nice! I joined the Simple Woman’s Daybook before I read the guidelines – woops! Hopefully I will remember to do this next Tuesday. =)

i love this idea! i think i might use it for my blog :) i love what you said about contentment. this has been on my heart so much lately. we always want what we don’t have…whether it’s material things or aspects of a relationship. it’s difficult to choose to be content with what God has given us. we look around at others and want what they have, and then there are others who look at us and need what we have… :) thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! blessings!

i love this!

and thanks so much for sharing on my breastfeeding post, friend!

Tommy Gausman

Arielle….tis funny one of your favorite things is hearing Jay play guitar while u are working aroung the house. I heard “Good ridance” today and told a friend I miss singing with Jay while he played that song. It was Kara’s Graduation Theme song…… too . Just a memory to share………Love MaGe

Tommy Gausman

One more post…..and u know that rare for me. Your said u have all u need but not all you want…….Who could ask for more. So many have less that us. You are blessed for having your need met. So cool you and Jay are working with the youth now…..Love it and am proud of both of you. Even more proud of that beautiful Leland, who is georgious like his MaGe…….LOL you guys are great!!!!

I love this idea :) And your little Leland is sooo adorable!!! One of my favorite things is listening to my hubby play the guitar, too :)

One of my new favorite blogs!! Your style is amazing, I love the look of your blog and the message behind it! My dream is to be a wife, mother and servant of Jesus and you are such a great ( and cool ) example of that. Yay! I’m your newest follower, Danica Keeley Castro. :)

Nice site . :)


since it is almost valentine’s day ♡ and love is in the air (haha) i wanted to post something on purity. purity is not something that we talk about frequently. i’m not sure why but in a generation where sex at 13, pornography, and promiscuity is rampant, i think it’s important more than ever to bring it up. so here i go…

a definition of purity is: freedom from guilt or evil; innocence or physical chastity; cleanness or spotlessness. but there is so much more to it than this. it means being pure in our thoughts, actions, motives….

for the single: i pray that you would hold out and continue waiting for the one God has prepared for you. it is worth waiting, as difficult as it may seem at the moment. keep your heart pure for what God has in store for your future. click here to listen to an encouraging short teaching about praying and patiently waiting.

for those in a relationship/engaged: i pray that purity is something that you hold onto more than ever during this time. i can say from experience, this is one of the most difficult times to truly stay pure in your heart and even physically. but nonetheless, it is extremely worth it. fix your heart on Christ and when you stand there on your wedding day, with a pure heart and conscious- you will have so much joy in knowing that you were faithful.

for the married: (this includes myself) i pray that we continue to honor God and our husband by the way we think and act. i have personally seen the aftermaths and effects of adultery take place in a family and there is nothing more destructive to a marriage. i definitely want to be pure in many areas of life. pure from covetousness, from jealousy, from negative thoughts that should be positive.

i pray that we can be an example to others in this generation. that others would see that we have something different…the light of Christ, with a pure heart devoted to Him.



The great thing about this post is that you can speak from experience. I love how the fruit of it shows in your own life. God gave you a wonderful, patient, God-loving man because you stuck to your convictions. There are always blessings in obedience :) Love the Leslie Ludy clip too :) <3 Mom


Thank you for this.

i’m glad that i stumbled upon your blog… very encouraging! will be following :)

<3 – mia

:) I love this. Im so glad I found your blog.


Hey Lady,
just want to say that I stumbled upon your blog. I’m starting one at the moment. Been thinking of ways to write and share my heart with others. As an interior designer student we constantly thought to think only on design, but I like to think a lot more than that. Love this. You have inspired me. Be blessed. <3

I just stumbled onto your blog and have been enjoying looking around. :) I so appreciate this blog, as a single gal, it’s encouraging to have see someone who is married talk about the value of purity. In society today you tend to feel alone in this area; it’s nice to be reminded you’re not. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

This post was so encouraging for me to read! It was even more encouraging to read all the comments in response to it. Thank you for sharing your heart, I wish more people would.

I’m doing a series on Family Fountain on marriage. I am using a guest poster every Sunday. Would you like to submit this one for the series? I’d be glad to run it. It’s very good.

sunday night.

hope ya’ll had a great weekend! it was a busy one here! we had a football pre-game party for the youth at church, lots of running around, visiting, and hanging out with sweet friends. here’s some pictures from this weekend (well, really just from last night…) :)

oh, leland’s jacket…haha. i did not care for his outfit much at all. but jay wanted him to wear a football outfit so….yeah.

…hahaha. jay looks good. me, not so much. and leland’s face…too funny.


*i finally found out how to put a “google/blogger” follow button thing over there on the left sidebar. <—- woohoo!

Tommy Gausman

The PACK is Back yahoooo GreenBah! Looks like Leland likes his walker chair.

Love MaGe

Looks like you all had a great time yesterday, and how fun having the youth from your church over, Arielle! Bet Leland was the focus of attention, too! :) He is absolutely adorable! Such sweet photos! I need to go back and catch up here … I always enjoy coming by … brings a smile to my heart! :) We had a good weekend, ourselves.

Glad you found out how to put the ‘follow’ gadget on your site, too! I’ve been discovering a few things as I’ve been playing around with the design section of my photography site while I was changing things up … that sense of accomplishment sure feels good!! :) I would love to find out how you got that special font onto your side bar, it’s really pretty. I have one I’d like to use over my whole site, even in the posts, but still haven’t figured out how to get it on there just yet … there’s so much to learn about website design … confusing sometimes, and sure can be time consuming, but it is fun being creative! You have a blessed week, and I’ll look forward to more of your beautiful journey, and ‘life with Leland’!

Blessings to you, Arielle! ~ Deborah

fun! :)

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Beautiful family! Thanks for stopping by. I love meeting new blogging friends:) Your pictures are awesome! I jumped over to your photography website. Great work.

Leland is so darn cute! Looks like you all had a very fun Sunday!

Wendie Fauerbach

Dear Arielle, Your pictures are Beautiful thanks for shairing them. Congratulations on Leland he is truely a reason to smile. Life means so much more having memories to share at this joyous time of year. May the joys for parenting bring you & Jay closer to the Lord. Thank you for shairing your joy have a good day & may the Lord bless and keep you two safe with that little miracle of yours Leland. Wendie Fauerbach