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there is warmer weather. 65 degree weather!

about how God provides for His children. (matthew 6:25-34)

a husband who will run to the store to pick up leland’s formula in the late hours of the night.

to spend money on a budget. more like, just. not. spending.

an etsy store….yep.

to be very productive today.

the outsiders. i never get tired of hearing this song!

a book on being a peacemaker.

that leland and i get over this cold that we both have very soon. (lots of vitamin c for me.)

i think there is some of my camera equipment in almost every room.

is a sunny day, driving with the windows down, listening to country to music on a back road. so excited for spring. and yep, i like country music. it’s down to earth. (except for the honkytonk/redneck songs. noo thank you!)

a bit of work, spending time with my family & friends, celebrating my brother’s 15th bday.

i love these two.



:). Sorry I comment a lot on blogs so please don’t think I’m crazy or stalking. Ha ha. I just really adore your story and your blog and it brings so much joy and peace to my, at times, uneasy, unrested heart and mind. Your son is amazing!! I cannot wait to be a mother in my Fathers will.



I love you!!!!!!!!! :)

cute pics! i like this new daybook thing you’re doing. :)

Ooooh what’s going to be in your etsy store?! How exciting!

Tommy Gausman

What a bald headed Cutie…..That’s my Leland……in misses Swans words…, Jay He Looka Lika Man Love u guys MaGe

estsy? YAY.

Oooh… link me to the etsy shop when you get it up. That’ll be fun. :) I’m listening to The Outsiders now, too. Love that song, and the acoustic version is great! The spring weather really makes me want to whip out Needtobreathe in my car with the moon roof down. ^_^ Those pictures of your guys are so cute. :)

I want to do this on my blog! What a wonderful idea !

Love your blog! Seriously, love your story and your photography is so inspiring to me! Love the daybook idea! I think I need to do this on my blog!! ;-)

so i found your blog through flowerchild dwelling (i think) and i love it. your family is beautiful, you’re beautiful and you seem pretty cool too :) i’m inspired

thoughts on being thankful.

discontentment and thankfulness have been on my mind lately. i am definitely a person who can get discontent so easily. i mean, i could go ahead and blame it on the media, on magazines, on internet advertising that tells me “more, more, more” but….i won’t. it seems as though once we start complaining about one thing, it all goes downhill from there. kind of like when you wake up for the day and one bad thing happens – you begin thinking about what a horrible day it is going to be. the same thing happens with discontentment- once you start saying “why me?” or “why don’t i have…” ingratitude just grows and grows.

there are definitely ways to be discontent with material possessions. and living in materialistic america doesn’t help that much. we can always be wanting more. but we can also become content with our daily lives…what we are or not doing…

at first, i became discontent about being a stay at home mom. really, i did. most days, i was incredibly thankful but other days i started thinking “if i only had a college degree and a career” or “i’d really like some extra money right now…” when instead i should have been thinking “i am so blessed that i am able to stay at home with leland” or “i am going to do the best to make money stretch and be creative in the way i do things now.” i may not have some fancy job out there, but i am daily raising a precious, tiny little person and for that, i am thankful.

today, i pray that thankfulness and gratitude become so prevalent in my life… we really have so much to be thankful for, and i never want to forget all of the blessings in my day to day life.



Good post. I too struggle with being content. It is in taking time to count my blessings that I realize how truly blessed I am and for what I have to be thankful.

I really like this post. I have been reminding myself lately that I don’t need to buy anything. I am trying my best to save my money. It’s hard but definitely worth it. I hate that America is so materialistic. Thanks for posting this! ~Natalie

I truly appreciate this post. I needed to read something like this as I am currently getting lost in the day-to-day mundane-ness. It is so important to step back and appreciate all of the little things in life.

Thank you.

i know EXACTLY what you’re saying…especially about struggling with staying at home. but almost 5 yrs later i can say it really was the best choice, all my complaining and UN-thankfulness aside. <3

waking up and praying for that ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE is sooo important. God has called all men and women to certain positions and the truth is your young and GOD has you raising up a strong godly man right now. He desires that the role of the parent be just that, to teach your children to LOVE HIM. and to have a true PERSONAL relationship and understanding of who their creator is. I am blessed to see that you are thankful for that role and I encourage you to be that VIRTUOUS proverbs 31 wife and pray with and for your son and cherish the season of life that GOd has you in. He may call you out of it in a new way and that is the amazing part of serving a real and living God. He is so spontaneous and His ways are not our own. I’m always broke these days and that seems to be the season I am in financially but the Lord has shown me that HE PROVIDES in sooooo many ways. He truly knows what we need and when exactly we need it. He uses all good things for His purpose and I just pray for your beautiful family!! I pray he strengthens you and your husband at this time and that He pours out His Holy spirit upon you, your son, and your husband :). May the Lord bless you and may you see just how important your role in the body of Christ is!!! love you sister


i think you are so precious. and it’s obvious that you love the Lord with all your heart, so never doubt, you’re being used right where you are!

this comment makes a lot of sense to me. i find it very easy to moan about a lot of thingsin my life but i’m really trying hard not to anymore. it only brings down the people i’m complaining to, and doesn’t portray me as a very happy person. that’s not how i want people to see me..

It’s all about perspective… My husband and I are thinking about starting a family, and I want so badly to quit my job and be a stay-at-home-mom. Sometimes I have to stop myself and thank God that I have a job and that I am able to minister to those that I work with.

I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I have been truly shocked by the number of young Christian women I have found on the blogosphere… it is so encouraging!

our monday.

just wanted to post some pictures from yesterday… we didn’t do anything fancy just had dinner at good ole chic -fil-a and went to file our taxes (woohoo.) i also made cookies and it was the first thing that i cooked/baked in a while that didn’t actual burn! my mom still gets us kids valentine’s gifts (which i love!) and leland loved his little bear. she also made the cupcakes with “xo” on them. jay makes me a handmade card every year which always turns out adorable and i love the fact that he puts some time into making it..

have a blessed tuesday!



How very domestic of you two! Glad you had a nice Valentines Day…!

love the pix :)

This is so cute!

1. Your baby is adorable
2. So are you
3. Those cookies look delish
4. I love your blog!

you guys are sweet :)


thank you so much jennifer! :)

the way you took the pictures with the effects came out beautifully! i love it! :)

Gosh, your child is beautiful. Can’t wait to have my own. He looks so cute in his little seat.

Such beautiful photos and a precious family!!

balumtine’th day.

i wrote this letter to my “future” husband on valentine’s day five years ago. i was sixteen. it was around that time that i knew that i wanted to wait until the right guy came along instead of dating around. it was a prayer for patience, for guidance, and for him. i wrote “even though i do not know you as i write this, i have to wonder. what? when? where? but He knows. i’m trusting Him.” little did i know that a few years later i would find someone who truly loved Jesus and would be my husband.

i gave this letter to jay on our wedding day. his story was much different than mine but that is the beauty of it. God knew what He was doing even when we had no idea. words cannot describe how thankful i am!

happy valentines day to you, and yours. and even if you don’t have a “valentine” continue seeking Him, because He is our first love. simply enjoy today…eat chocolates, listen to some music, and watch a balumtine’th video


love, arielle



Thank you for posting this, Arielle. I hope you and Jay have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

a very sweet story :)

this is beautiful. happy valentine’s day, sweet friend!

Arielle I don’t know if I am overly emotional today or what, but this post brought tears to my eyes! I love your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

so so so BLESSED to have found another blog that is run by a believer on fire and in love with our FIRST LOVE (revelation 2). I too, recently, wrote a couple of letters to the future hubby and have saved them in a private blog for him to decipher and read through some day. I sometimes feel the urge to pray for him about miscellaneous things as well. I know my God has someone amazing in store for me and I have only had one boyfriend in my life and I believe the LORD only has one other man in store for me for the rest of this earthly life. Until then I really, really want to grow into a more intimate and loving relationship with CHRIST, because without the relationship with the one who made it all I will never find what He has for me in creation on this earth. Love you sis! Keep encouraging and being a blessing!


psalm 37:7

:) You make me so happy. I want to have those same desires!

so sweet! I love looking back! :)

so very, very romantic and sweet! xo

I like that you said “balumtine’th day.” Did you get that from the Dave Barnes video? If so, we are already kindred spirits. Also, that letter is so sweet! I wrote letters to my future husband around 16 too!

What a wonderful and beautiful idea!

Awwwww *tear

a saturday date.

i remember the first time jay and i went out together after leland was born we really didn’t know what to do with ourselves. i was so uptight and constantly thinking about how leland was. it was honestly, kind of awkward. what were we supposed to do? just sit there and talk about what a huge roller coaster of emotions we had just experienced by having a baby? or do we talk about how much sleep we were lacking? anywhoo, now that we are four months into this, it was such a blessing to be able to go out for a day! i have loosened up a lot and it was so much easier to just enjoy the day. i was blessed to be able to have my mom and dad watch him while we were gone.

we drove about an hour away and visited an awesome little town i love! it is only about ten minutes from the plantation where we were married so we stopped there too. (we only stayed for a couple minutes though, because it was being rented for a wedding.) there was beautiful scenery the entire drive so we stopped by some old barns and i tried to take a picture of the both of us, haha. we went to antique stores, ate lunch at a little café, and searched through a music store. it was so nice to spend the day with jay and have our own valentine’s day date a little early. here are some pictures from our day:

my attempted pictures of the both of us

love him!

the colors in old towns like these are beautiful!
love the textures and bold colors for pictures…a photographer’s dream ;)



These photos turned out so lovely! I especially love the fourth one.

i loooove your entire outfit! you guys are seriously the cutest couple… ever! where did you get your boots? i’ve been looking for something similar! happy valentines day! xx Kara

Gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous pictures. I am SO glad I stumbled across your blog.

You guys are a beautiful couple and I absolutely adore what you’re wearing :)

I’m a new follower and voted for you on TBB!

these are gorgeous! i love little towns like that one! have you ever been to georgetown, wilmore, or harrodsburg (all in ky)? judging by the pictures you take, i think you’d really like those places! :)


First I’d like to say that I’m glad you got to have some time together, I was like you, uptight about leaving my baby…but you need that time alone. Second I’ve been trying to vote for you blog but I’m not sure how to do it…do I just click on your name?? I’m going to keep trying, I love your blog it has been such a blessing in my life =)


thank you so much! yes, the alone time is much needed, i am finding that out….it is definitely good for the marriage :) oh, i know…the voting thing is a little strange…but if you go here: and just click where it says “click here and your vote will be added” the vote will be counted and just bring you to the main topbabyblog screen :) many blessings to you this week!


thank you hope! :) i will definitely have to check out those towns sometime!

I LOVE this outfit on you.

what a fun date!


Hey Arielle!

I just stumbled across your blog and have no idea how I got here but I instantly loved it! Every single one of your photographs is so adorable, serene and harmonious! <3 Also you two seem like a genuinely happy couple!

a wedding video.

once upon a time, some home videos were taken at our wedding and stored away on my parent’s computer. then the computer crashed and the videos were gone forever. or, so we thought. about a month ago we were able to hook up the old computer’s hard drive to some crazy thing and i was able to get the videos off of the computer!
so here is a little wedding video i put together. (a little late!) we got married on a plantation and it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony (but sadly it rained.) it made everything much more intimate and i loved it. the video doesn’t really do justice to the weekend we spent on the plantation so you can see some wedding pictures here.

happy friday!


p.s. the winner of the wonderfully made giveaway is megan! congrats :)


What a beautiful wedding! The tenderness between you two is heart-wrenching! (Oh, and I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much!)

I’m so excited about this video! It made me dream about my wedding video….just so precious. You looked beautiful on your day and you are such a gorgeous couple. I love that even thought it rained you still had a wonderful attitude. Some brides get so crazed about having it their way but what most of them forget is the REASON they are getting married. So touching. <3 May God bless you guys!


Very beautiful Arielle, You two looked very happy and definately in love! I saw that kenzie caught the bouquet,(she needs to wait a few years) LOL..May you have as many happy years together as Steve and i have had, (24years in June). God bless you and your sweet family. :) Love,Penny


That was such a beautiful video, the song was perfect and it brought me to tears. I loved it! you did a wonderful job!!

Yay! I think this is the first thing I’ve ever won :) By the way, I’m a good friend of Annie and Mike’s, so that’s how I’ve come to read your blog. So excited about my necklace! Thanks! Do I need to email you?


aw, thank you so much for the sweet comment :) !

aaawww!! i’m so happy you shared this with us, love, and you used the perfect song! :)


So sweet, Arielle. Something about a wedding makes me instantly tear up. Even a complete stranger’s. You two are blessed, thanks for sharing!

I’m pretty sure you had the most beautiful wedding ever, and you turned such a simple home movie into something spectacular! You two are my new favorite couple that I’ve never met!!!!