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winter snow

Some photos from a recent winter snow….


Soo Pretty! :)

GORGEOUS! I love horses — my aunt lives on a horse farm & I love being around them, they’re so beautiful!
<3 leigh
P.S. LOVING your blog back!


thank you so much! :)

our christmas.

christmas was wonderful! definitely one of my favorites to date. first of all, it snowed and really was a white christmas. and second, my uncle came in from arizona and some other relatives visited from out of town so it was so great to see them all! it was so much fun with leland and dressing him up in all of the christmas outfits we had for him :) i’m so thankful for all of our family, God is good! what a great way to celebrate our Saviors’ birth.

jay surprised me with a vintage-inspired coat and i opened some great things from my family like new make-up (eeek! so glad!) and i was extremely surprised by a new lens i received. oh my goodness. so surprised!

i hope that you had a beautiful Christmas. i’m so sad that i won’t be able to listen to Christmas music for a whole year! i wish it lasted longer. now that it is over, winter can end and summer can hurry up and get here :) just kidding…well, sort of.

yep, this is what we look like first thing in the morning. nice.

smiley little boy in his christmas sweater!

leland’s little bumbo.



baby in a grandpa sweater.

the other day i bought this little grey sweater at h & m for only $1. talk about a sale! their baby clothes are so adorable, and really reasonable. i picked up  another outfit for him there for only $5. i don’t usually buy him clothes but for $6…i mean, c’mon…baby clothes are just too cute. so here he is in all of his cute littleness.



This really got me laughing! he is such a cutie. Such a little man :)

Rhonda Pope

He is too adorable!! Love the sweater!! :)


a few things:

- this week i got my hairs cut…yes, all of them :) i will miss long braids and all but i needed a change.

- we have started cloth diapering. no, not the old fashioned kind and yes, they are adorable! not to mention, they’ll save us a lot of money, too. it will be a little more work but the cuteness and money savings is totally worth it.

- today i got a few pretty awesome canon lenses i’m renting for a wedding this weekend and i’d really just like to keep them forever :)

….and that’s really all i got to say. i mean, of course there is more but i am going to go read with jay so i’d rather make this one quick!

anywhoo, here are some pictures of the new hair:

have a lovely friday!



I love your new hairs- all of them :) It fits you perfectly! <3 Mom

your blog is just so sweet… i love it!

Hi Arielle!

I found your blog by way of your mom on FB (she’s the mentor mom in my small group at MOPS). I was the Discussion Group Coordinator until I got put on bed rest with baby #4 over two months ago and haven’t been back to MOPS since. :(

Your blog caught my eye because I love photography and photos and was drawn to your website from the moment I laid eyes on it. I love the way you capture light and think that you take beautiful photos. I drop by your blog every so often and look forward to seeing what new pictures you have posted. Your blog is only as good as your photos, right? :)

I saw today that you started cloth diapering. We started using cloth diapers when our now 2 year old was 5 months old. We use Happy Heiny’s pocket diapers and have had great success. I wanted to pass along that cloth diapering can present challenges and I have found many answers on a blog I found by way of Google. It’s The lady who “owns” that blog is a cloth diapering mom of almost 5 who writes about her journey with cloth diapers and trouble shoots and offers solutions to complications that can arise with cloth diapers. We had some trouble a few months after cloth diapering and took a break because I didn’t know what to do. If I had found her blog back they, the break would have been unnecessary. You might want to check it out if you ever need a little encouragement too.

Thanks for posting your beautiful photos and inspiring me. Baby Leeland is growing so quickly. He’s blessed to have a mom who will capture every moment with her camera and he’ll be able to know and see how much you love him by the 5 million photos you took of him. Nothing says “love” like needing a new hard drive. :)


PS. I can imagine your pain with the lens situation. I’m currently trying to figure out how I can get a 24-70mm 2.8 lens for myself. :)

i love your hair it looks great! your gloves are so pretty and colorful where did you get them?


thank you so much! i actually got them a while back at forever 21 :)

these days.

this weekend has been so relaxing. i am glad we’ve had a nice weekend to relax because this next week is going to be pretty crazy…we have so much going on! christmas parties, a wedding, appointments, and much more. not to mention, christmas is only two weeks away. jay helped me wrap a bunch of presents this afternoon and leland…well, he just watched :) as i type this, jay and i are watching a christmas carol with the fire going and the snow falling outside. so beautiful. i absolutely love this time of year!

here are some pictures from the last few weeks or so (yes, jay is standing outside in one-in 60 something degree weather and another with snow. crazy how the weather here changes so quickly!)

i hope you are having a lovely weekend!



Nice pictures, beatiful baby. Takes us back many years! Our youngest is now 18.

Hope you guys have a great Christmas.


thank you! may you and yours have a wonderful christmas also!