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samantha lamb

you compare me to you. i compare myself to you, to her, to her life, to her circumstances, to her looks.

comparing has been on my mind lately. how often do we go around the internet, around facebook, around our churches, etc. comparing ourselves to others? we compare our lives to another’s. we compare the way we look to another’s. “oh she is so beautiful. why don’t i have….” or “she has a husband, i mean..why don’t i have…” “she has such a nice car, why don’t i have….”

…see where this is going? we slowly start comparing until we begin our little journey of discontentment and soon, we are down spiraling into a pit of self pity, of disappointment, and sometimes even envy.

yes, she may be beautiful but you are not her, i am not her. you were created to be who you are. God has given us all certain qualities, gifts, and abilities that He might not have given her. she may have gorgeous hair, but you have beautiful eyes. she might be able to sew, but you can cook. i personally cannot, for the life of me, cook or sew but i can strum a guitar.

i think that’s why i never liked looking at magazines much. why spend all of my time looking at all of these celebrities with lovely clothes that i could never even afford. (plus those 5 tips to great hair leaves me wanting to buy some new hair product that i definitely don’t need anyway.) i would much rather spend my time elsewhere rather than comparing and wishing and wanting.

being 21 myself, it is so easy for me to start comparing. the good Lord gave me what i have and it may be different than what you have and what you have may be different than mine…but that’s the beauty of it. we are each able to glorify God in our own unique ways. through our different talents, gifts, words, and abilities. “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works…” ephesians 2:10      we are His workmanship. what a profound and beautiful truth!

so i can go strum my guitar now and you can go cook or sew and we will each glorify the Lord in what we were called to do, and who we were called to be.



this is perfect. no matter who you are or where you are in life, we all need reminding of this.


Thank you so much for this post…its exactly what I needed to hear right now!!
God Bless you!!

rachel mollozzi

I really enjoyed this, so often in life I find myself comparing…. thank you for the great reminder in that we are created in His workmanship!!! :))


thank you rachel! ♡

you are so right. it is so easy to find people to compare yourself to, instead of being thankful and amazing that we were created to be who we are by the God of the universe. And he delights in us, just as we are! Beautiful!

little moccasins.

i had gotten these little moccasins before leland was born. i can’t believe he can fit in them already! tomorrow he will be fifteen weeks old. before i know it he will be rolling over, eating cereal, and sitting up on his own. i’m beginning to see why parents always say that time goes by fast. if only time could slow down just a little. but i am enjoying each little new thing he learns…just too cute.

have a lovely thursday.



omggg those are the cutest! my husband just bought a similar, much larger, pair over the weekend… so silly! you are such a gorgeous family! xx

AH! this melts my heart. so adorable.


those little shoes are the cutest!! hes such a adorable little guy! :)

Now, you must realize, Arielle, that ‘we’ used to wear those moccasins in high school! Lol!! They were the fashion of the day, and oh how I loved them! They look even better on Leland, though! :) He is absolutely adorable, and this is such a precious photo! How well I remember, they do grow way too fast, and it seems that time speeds up as well …. grab every little moment you can!

Bless you!


Oh, the time does fly. And, and do mark all of his growth progress on a calendar or in a journal. Years down the road, you will not remember how much he weighed at 15 weeks, or when his first tooth broke through, or when he took his first trip to the park, but you’ll wish you did! Write it ALL down. All of those little “achievements” are special. :)

freaking out over those little mocs… arielle, he is just SO so so adorable.

oh my! those are precious! wherever did you find such awesome mocs for your babe? xo

aaaah! SO CUTE!!!!

another january day.

oh my goodness, i can’t believe it’s almost the end of january! where has the time gone? i have so many pictures that i want to post from this past month but some those can wait for another day :) so here are a few random pictures… it seems like now that we have a little one i have the camera attached to me everywhere i go!

…so thankful for him.

a little blurry….but eh, not every picture is perfect, right?

the picture on the right really looks like…….i don’t even know.

i bought this necklace the other day at goodwill for $3 thank ya very much!

….and i bought this corduroy skirt from another thrift store for $4

“the key to a good marriage: = a lot of love, a lot of selflessness, and a lot of making out.” ;)



I love seeing your ‘random’ photos. So fun. :) We need to go thrift store shopping together sometime. You find the best things! That skirt is adorable and the necklace is lovely! :)



Great quote about marriage! :) It was fun to read about your treasures from Goodwill. Thrifting is the best!

you are GORGEOUS!


thank you kristin! they are pretty random.. and yes…what a great idea! we definitely should sometime…it would be fun! :) blessings!

three questions.

this little video will only take about three minutes of your time…
it blessed me tonight and i hope it blesses you too. i would write more but jay is at a basketball game, and
leland is being a fussy little guy so i must go make more entertaining noises with him & try to get him to smile :)
but i’ll leave you with this video…



Hi Arielle,

I’m a new subscriber to your blog. Just wanted to let you know that my heart is warmed with every new post from you. Such a sweet and kind spirit. Also, I truly enjoyed today’s post and video. It’s so very true … especially the part about setting aside time for wordly things and not giving your best time to Jesus Christ. This will definitely become something that I reevaluate in my own life in the coming weeks. Thank you for sharing.


I must say I love reading your blog, and seeing your pictures. I love taking pictures mostly of nature and my baby but I dont have a very good camera and am saving up for a really nice one. I was just wondering if you had tips on what kind of camera/lens you recommend??

Thank you so much for posting this, Arielle! It definitely has given me food for thought, and from the video I found the Set Apart Girl website. Talk about challenging! I’ve been flipping through the magazine and am really impressed by what I’m seeing.

Wow very cool. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for posting this!

this is so good.

finding new ways to use old things.

hello y’all. hope you had a lovely weekend. we didn’t do too much around here which was quite alright with me…it was nice to relax and spend time with jay and leland.  (and it got up to 25 degrees outside which i was pretty happy about!) anyway, i wanted to share some things around my home…i’m learning to decorate on a low budget and since i love vintage and old things, it is not as hard as i thought it would be. i’ve been finding new ways to use old things. so here are a few little findings of mine…

have a beautiful day…



i love your style so much! i’ve been redecorating my dorm room…full of thrift store and handmade things! i think it’s much more fun decorating on a budget and finding new uses for old things than it is to on an unlimited budget! lovely post! :)

Your house is so charming! My mother has always decorating in that thrifted, tastefully-rustic style! I did not fully appreciate it until I moved away to college, into a white-walled dorm room. It’s amazing how artfully placed, used treasures can brighten a space!

Tommy Gausman

Love it Arielle… know i love antiques….you do quite well with your displaying and decorating of vintage….Neat…….love Terra (MaGe) lol


thank you so much hope :) ! a lot of the stuff i decorated with in my dorm room i still have and use to decorate in our house- hee hee. blessings!

hmmmm, i see a couple of christmas presents in there too :))))))) Love you!

Paula Hafner

At Christmas, I like to put old Christmas balls in my antique canning jars. It looks really cute.


Thrift stores are my absolute favorite places to go. Anymore, I refuse to go anywhere else to buy not only decorations for my home, but for my clothing and other items as well. The prices are amazing and so is the history and character that goes along with them! I grew up in an old house and the vintage style has continued on into my adulthood! Your stuff looks so amazing!!! I’m glad to see that others are continuing this wonderful style :)

I love your vintage finds! I myself, am an old soul. I stumbled across your blog and I love it!


so after much thinkin’ (and some more thinkin’) i decided to make this my personal blog. yay! i’m very excited about this because no longer will my “personal” post get mixed between recent photo sessions. the photography blog will only be used for photography & client sessions.

my new url is:

photography website:

photo blog:

hope you are having a lovely weekend!



Beautiful family and necklace :)