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a sunday night…

what a busy weekend! i’m quite honestly not ready for monday to be here but, it will be here soon so i am going to take it and make the best of it! i really need to be cleaning right now but procrastination has got the best of me at the moment :) anywhoo, this is what jay and leland like to do in their spare time: put on a little show on for me on my dresser:

ok, i really must clean now. our house has baby bottles and clothes just about everywhere. hope you had a blessed weekend! happy-almost-monday!



LOL. I love it :)

staying home is not for the faint of heart.

it has been about 4 months now since i stopped working in the corporate world. well, since i stopped working an eight to five job in an office all day. before i had the little one, i thought “yeah, being a stay at home mom seems so easy! of course i can do that!” but now that i am three months into this, let me tell you, it does not come naturally to me.

first, being an independent person by heart, it is definitely an adjustment to have not much income coming in from my own work. after seven years of working on my own, it is a huge change of pace for me to have to rely primarily on someone else’s income.

second, there are days that i look back and see how much easier those eight to five days were in the office. there were people…lots of people. which meant there was not so much loneliness. there were no repetitive days of cleaning the house, changing diapers, and feeding after feeding. i was also able to actually take a shower before 3 in the afternoon.

so what does this all mean? being a stay at home mom is not for the faint of heart. and i applaud all others who have multiple children and do this. it brings to mind one word: self-less-ness. to me, it was easier working and looking out for my own, eating lunch when i wanted, making my own money.  i really think that is why it says “children are a gift from the Lord.” they teach you how to be selfless. how to give of your self. how to love without getting tired. and being selfless, my friends, is one way He molds you and shapes you into the person He wants you to be. i am finding this to be very true.

so here’s to changing diapers, not taking showers until 3 in the afternoon, and the little guy who won my heart.



beautifully said! :)


Yes there are many women who dream of being stay at home moms but I guess the grass always looks greener. I think the moral of the story is embrace and cherish where you are in life whether that’s changing dirty diapers or going to work…. or a mixture of both.

what a lovely post ! you are a great wife and mom !!


i totally agree bridget :) some people have to work for financial or other reasons. i personally might be getting a part time job at nights here soon so i can get out some. i have so much respect especially for single moms who work and raise their kids alone. phew!

Tommy Gausman

You’re a good mommy!!!!! Thank you ….I appreciate the love and care that you give my grandchild.

Love MaGe…..( Mama Gausman)


Hey Arielle, before you go applying for jobs, let me introduce you to our business team.:-)

This is adorable! I just found your blog!!! Love love love it!!!

I’m almost 2 months pregnant and will be a stay at home mom. Thanks for the insight & the heads up! =) I know it won’t be easy, but I also know it’ll be worth it. Very encouraging post!

What a lovely, honest post. I am currently still in the 8-5 cubicle world, but wondering whether or not that will be a good fit for me once I’m a mom (which will hopefully be relatively soon!). I think what you described is a perfectly normal reaction and response for a personality such as yourself. I’m sure over time it will become easier as you learn to balance your sense of self with your sense of selflessness. Really glad you found my blog, because I am glad to have found yours! Subscribing right now ;)

a little view.

from the upstairs of our home each day i look out our windows and see these same horses running through the fields. so beautiful. my view is much farther out than this picture shows but i really love being able to see them from my house. when we lived in our apartment, we we’re only five minutes from downtown.  now we live in a neighborhood, much farther out in the country, and i absolutely love it. it seems so peaceful and serene. not to mention, the stars are so much brighter out here. mmmm, just lovely.


oh my goodness, i literally gasped when i saw this! what i would do for a view like that… i LOVE horses. they’re so beautiful. and the snow is so magical. :)

so lovely! what a view! xx

our weekend.

this weekend the three of us went up to indianapolis a couple of times. we were planning to visit my grandma before she moves out to arizona and get some of her unwanted furniture so we took a huge truck. the first time, we were able to stop in a little town that i absolutely love. we drove around looking at all of the different building and shops and took some pictures. then, while we were about a half an hour from the city, our truck decided to die on the highway. we’re not so sure why because it was a brand new truck. but anywhoo, it was quite a long day waiting for a ride and a tow truck.

however, we tried going back up the next day and brought two vehicles (you know, just incase!) and we finally made it. the weekend flew by because of all of the driving and traveling and before we knew it, jay had to go back to work. leland was such a trooper in the car all those long hours, definitely a blessing while traveling!

here are some pictures from our little weekend…

…this building reminded me of our trips to new orleans with raven ministries :)


…and then our truck broke down!


and then we were rescued! the end.


Tommy Gausman

LOL! I love the lost,truck broken down with a baby in the car look.. GREAT STORY! LOVE YA

little update.

i almost forgot what it was like here in the winter…but now, i remember. without beautiful snow winter is just plain…winter. pretty dreary and no sun for several days, maybe even weeks in a row. with all of this not so lovely weather, comes not so many pictures. unless you want to take pictures of some sticks and branches ;)

so here are a few very random pictures from my phone over the past few weeks. (don’t worry, i asked jay permission to use the one where he is in the hospital. hehe.) hope yall have a great weekend! we are heading up to indianapolis tomorrow. woohoo!

1. leland’s learning to sit up ;)   2.  think it’s time to grow out my hair again…

3. little baby in a reindeer suit  4. moby wrap jay got me for works!

5. poor jay in the hospital last weekend.  6. aw, what a tiny round face!

7. a lovely shirt i found for just $5.       8. jay, feeling much better now ;)

9. “mom, can you please stop taking pictures of me!” 10. jay and i.



So cute. :) I love the photos.
Rylie from

little leland is just the most precious thing. :) he has the sweetest face! that shirt is adorable, and i’m so glad your husband is okay!

a letter to leland.

dear leland,

you are now almost 12 weeks old. where has the time gone? you are growing like a little man and i am finding there is nothing more precious than waking up to your sweet smiles each morning. you are no longer your wobbly newborn self with your little blank stares. you have expressions that are too cute for words. i love you in this moment, right now, and sometimes wish you would stay so small. although i am most definitely looking forward to watching you grow.

i am so blessed to have you as my own. once upon a time, not too long ago, i had so many dreams about the adventures i would go on with the Lord. i still dream, but all of those dreams pale in comparison to the high calling of my present reality. if none of those dreams came to pass, but i lived a life where i loved you and your daddy well, i would have lived a rich and worthy life indeed.

there is still lots of adventure in my heart and i hope i can take you along for some. but do know this: your father and you (and maybe future brothers or sisters) will always be my greatest adventure, my highest calling, and the blessing of my life.


leland’s sweater: janie & jack.  hat: baby soy. brown cords: thrifted.  shoes: baby sperry topsiders.


Such a sweet baby. These pictures are incredible, Arielle. You are gifted. In many ways! I cannot believe 12 weeks have already passed. I am glad you are enjoying every moment. You won’t regret making him and Jay the priority. You have chosen well.


Thank you so much for the kind words, Caroline. It is a blessing to receive such encouragement :)