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little update.

i almost forgot what it was like here in the winter…but now, i remember. without beautiful snow winter is just plain…winter. pretty dreary and no sun for several days, maybe even weeks in a row. with all of this not so lovely weather, comes not so many pictures. unless you want to take pictures of some sticks and branches ;)

so here are a few very random pictures from my phone over the past few weeks. (don’t worry, i asked jay permission to use the one where he is in the hospital. hehe.) hope yall have a great weekend! we are heading up to indianapolis tomorrow. woohoo!

1. leland’s learning to sit up ;)   2.  think it’s time to grow out my hair again…

3. little baby in a reindeer suit  4. moby wrap jay got me for works!

5. poor jay in the hospital last weekend.  6. aw, what a tiny round face!

7. a lovely shirt i found for just $5.       8. jay, feeling much better now ;)

9. “mom, can you please stop taking pictures of me!” 10. jay and i.



So cute. :) I love the photos.
Rylie from

little leland is just the most precious thing. :) he has the sweetest face! that shirt is adorable, and i’m so glad your husband is okay!

a letter to leland.

dear leland,

you are now almost 12 weeks old. where has the time gone? you are growing like a little man and i am finding there is nothing more precious than waking up to your sweet smiles each morning. you are no longer your wobbly newborn self with your little blank stares. you have expressions that are too cute for words. i love you in this moment, right now, and sometimes wish you would stay so small. although i am most definitely looking forward to watching you grow.

i am so blessed to have you as my own. once upon a time, not too long ago, i had so many dreams about the adventures i would go on with the Lord. i still dream, but all of those dreams pale in comparison to the high calling of my present reality. if none of those dreams came to pass, but i lived a life where i loved you and your daddy well, i would have lived a rich and worthy life indeed.

there is still lots of adventure in my heart and i hope i can take you along for some. but do know this: your father and you (and maybe future brothers or sisters) will always be my greatest adventure, my highest calling, and the blessing of my life.


leland’s sweater: janie & jack.  hat: baby soy. brown cords: thrifted.  shoes: baby sperry topsiders.


Such a sweet baby. These pictures are incredible, Arielle. You are gifted. In many ways! I cannot believe 12 weeks have already passed. I am glad you are enjoying every moment. You won’t regret making him and Jay the priority. You have chosen well.


Thank you so much for the kind words, Caroline. It is a blessing to receive such encouragement :)

a new year!

2010 was such a memorable year. it had it’s up and downs. it had challenges and joys.
but more than anything, it was a year that had some of the most memorable moments for me.
here are a few highlights:

the big one, i found out in january that i was pregnant.
a huge surprise for us newlyweds.
so ten months of this past year i was on a little pregnancy journey.

second, we worked hard to find a good house that was foreclosed.
we looked at homes that were not foreclosed. we searched and
searched for a little home and didn’t end up getting very far so we
decided to build one (thank you, tax credits!)

third, jay and i celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!
one year down. ninety more to go ;) hehe

and….we had a healthy baby boy!
what a joy he is and i thank the Lord for such a little, adorable blessing.

hello 2011! i’ll be spending this new year’s day with jay and leland, thanking the Lord for another year.
continuing on this journey He has laid out for our lives, following Him every step of the way.
happy new year!



Nice pictures and good story. Congratulations on the good things for this past year. Hope for more for you guys next year. wb


Happy New Year! May the Lord show you new and even greater things this year. What a beautiful family you have!!


thank you bridget! may you and yours have a happy new year as well :) blessings!

a few of my favorite things.

since it is almost 2011 (can you believe it?!)  i wanted to do a little list  “few of my favorite things” of 2010.

new music: beta radio -if you like folk music, you will love them.

band: as usual, a mix of shane & shane and needtobreathe

album: brooke fraser “flags”-this cd was a lifesaver while i was at the hospital when leland was born. love it!

movie: sectretariat -i barely ever watch movies or tv but this one is just really, really good.

blogs: 10 million miles, bleubird vintage, farm revival, and oh, hello friend

book: mission of motherhood by sally clarkson -i’ve started re-reading this again. so good!

baby item: bumgenius organic diaper -so you may laugh, but i had to add this! i have tried all kinds and i know not many people cloth diaper or care for them but these, i have found, are wonderful.

home decor: design spongebelieve me, there are such good ideas on here!

store: modcloth -indie and vintage-inspired clothing. oh my.

hope you have a very blessed new year’s eve!


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winter snow

Some photos from a recent winter snow….


Soo Pretty! :)

GORGEOUS! I love horses — my aunt lives on a horse farm & I love being around them, they’re so beautiful!
<3 leigh
P.S. LOVING your blog back!


thank you so much! :)

our christmas.

christmas was wonderful! definitely one of my favorites to date. first of all, it snowed and really was a white christmas. and second, my uncle came in from arizona and some other relatives visited from out of town so it was so great to see them all! it was so much fun with leland and dressing him up in all of the christmas outfits we had for him :) i’m so thankful for all of our family, God is good! what a great way to celebrate our Saviors’ birth.

jay surprised me with a vintage-inspired coat and i opened some great things from my family like new make-up (eeek! so glad!) and i was extremely surprised by a new lens i received. oh my goodness. so surprised!

i hope that you had a beautiful Christmas. i’m so sad that i won’t be able to listen to Christmas music for a whole year! i wish it lasted longer. now that it is over, winter can end and summer can hurry up and get here :) just kidding…well, sort of.

yep, this is what we look like first thing in the morning. nice.

smiley little boy in his christmas sweater!

leland’s little bumbo.