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leland jay.

born october 15th, 2010

4:11 pm

7 pounds  20 1/4 in.

little leland,

you are now a week old. daddy and i have already fallen completely in love with you. in fact, we fell in love from the moment you took your first breath in this world. you are precious, and we are so grateful that God has given you to us.

before you were born, i was a little scared on how i would raise a boy in this crazy world…how i would teach you the ways of the Lord, how to obey, and how to stay away from the impurities of this generation. i felt incapable and inadequate of caring for such a small, tiny person. but now, as i see your little face, hear your little coos and squeaks, and as i look at your little smiling face…all of that fear seems to fade away. i have already decided to trust Jesus in raising you. you are a child of God, leland, and He has promised to look after His children. He has promised us peace and joy if we simply rest in Him.

daddy and i want to be an example of love to you, always. we want to show you what it means to truly love Jesus. you might not know what that means for a long time, but we want you to see it every day. we want to teach you and guard your heart so that one day, you too will show others what Jesus’ love looks like and what it means to follow Him.

you are a gift to me, leland, and you are changing the way i see things. you are one of the most blessed things that has happened in my life. but do me one favor, please don’t grow up too quickly. i want to treasure each moment that i have seeing you grow.

i love you.


You and Jay are such a great inspiration for many including me. I love you guys!!!



Precious Moments –
Reading your heartfelt words to Leland I realize you will never know how much it blesses my heart. But you are finding that the heart of a mother loves unconditionally and purely. – A beautiful letter to my great-grandson, who is blessed to have you and Jay as his parents. God always knows what He is doing better than we can imagine! Enjoy your precious gift, my Precious Moments.


Grant Marshall


Congratulations. And what a wonderful purpose statement to make to your young son from you and your husband.

[…] can’t believe our little guy turned ONE yesterday! It seems like just yesterday we were patiently waiting for his arrival. This past year has been such a blessing for us and our […]


the Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. ”  psalm 145:9

happy october! looks like fall is finally here. today i was reflecting on God’s goodness and am so thankful for this season. not just autumn, of course (and everything that comes along with it…carmel apples, wonderful colors, pumpkin spice everything…..) :) …but this season of life. too often we are always looking forward to the future or what is to come instead of just enjoying where He has placed us now in our current situations. i am so thankful. sometimes i really just needed to take a moment to pause, be still, and reflect on His goodness and grace in my life. these are beautiful times…


This picture takes me back to my childhood. You are an artist!

one year!

One year ago from today, i married my best friend….i can’t believe a year has already passed! i am so grateful for him everyday and am blessed by his example. the Lord teaches me so much through him. this first year has definitely had its little trials & adjustments, but it has been wonderful. i didn’t really see how the term “the first year of marriage is the hardest” plays out…i loved it! i mean, i’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t been hard at times…especially the loneliness part of it all…that’s been hard. weird huh? we didn’t know how it would bring us to a season where we’d be kind of isolated from old friends. just a different season, you know? every day i’m learning and the Lord is shaping me into the person He wants me to be…and i’m thankful that He uses marriage as a way to do so. :)

happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! The two of you make me smile, and I’m glad I was able to be there when you said “I do.” :)

What beauty! The Lord bless your love!
I was visiting your mother’s blog and then I found myself over here and I’ve LOVED my visit!
Your photos are beautiful :)

maternity pictures.

only a month and a half or so until the little one is here! we are so excited : )

children are a gift of the Lord…” psalm 127:3

much love,


Hi Arielle,, I am a blogging friend of your moms..
I just wanted to stop by and say Hi,, Your mom speaks very highly of you and is so excited about the new grandbaby..
I know she has been through a lot lately,, you too Im sure.. but she is following God and trusting in him..
Well have a great weekend..
God Bless

Greatings, ,



Precious Moments-
What a radiant mother-to-be you are! Can’t believe my Precious Moments is going to be a mother – soon! He will be here before you know it and I know he will be so welcomed into the world. I have prayed for him every day and know the Lord has something amazing for his life.


Chanel Paulk

i really love your necklace! do you happen to remember where you got it?

seasons of life.

there seems to be different seasons to life, you know? so much is happening, so much is going on in my life right now. i can’t even begin to count the ways that the Lord is working in my life right now…i’m so thankful. just for starters, i have the most precious husband anyone could ever ask for (and we celebrate our one year anniversary next month wooo!) he is a hard worker, loves the Lord, and i could go on and on. he is an example to me and i love him dearly! we have a little baby boy on the way, leland (who is doing karate kicks as i write this)…who i cannot wait to meet!

life is about to change for me…i mean really change. we are building a house that we will be moving into next weekend. and then, in just a few more weeks after that, leland will soon be arriving to the world…which is just a huge deal in itself. i’m going to be adjusting to the daily tasks of caring for a new baby and the responsibility that comes with it, and the joy. it will no longer be just jay and i…running around wherever we want, whenever we want, with whoever we want. it’s really not going to be about what we want anymore, at all. i will be honest and say that i’m a little sad to see this season of life go so quickly….from just jay and arielle to jay and arielle and baby. however, i am beyond blessed.

people ask if it’s hard to grow up so quick and a part of me says yes, it’s very hard. so much more responsibility, so many more opportunities to lay your life down than a lot of people our age have. i could still be in a dorm room right now, heading off to my college classes, getting a degree in who knows what, working whenever i want. things could be totally different. but i wouldn’t be where i am today…honestly, what a sad thought that is. i’m so thankful for where i am at, to be married so young, to not have to deal with the breakups and heartaches of college relationships or the strong temptations.

i used to really care about what people thought about me buying a house in northern kentucky, where i have been. dreaming all along of going somewhere far away, but i’ve learned to just not care. i’ve moved away…different times…and every place has been similar in one way or another. the Lord can use you anywhere, no matter how near or far. it is not settling for merely a husband, a baby, living in a house somewhere in what some people would think of as ordinary. no, this is life for me right now. my God will be glorified throughout my daily life of laying down my rights and wants….He will be glorified by the fruit of my life. i may not be involved in a campus ministry or overseas somewhere at the moment, but He will be glorified.

i’m young, with what seems like a lot of responsibility or “growing up” for someone my age these days….but i wouldn’t change that. i do not have to be someone in this world to be chosen and loved by Him. i’m excited, blessed, and thankful :)

“the smallest things become great when God requires them of us; they are small only in themselves; they are always great when they are done for God, and when they serve to unite us with Him eternally…”~francis fenelon


You have chosen the best things. And, God IS glorified!


is this a pic from our apple tree?


yes it is! : )

Linked here from Running My Race, which I also now follow.

You do beautiful photography! I esp like this apple tree. Do you sell your pics? Or do you give permission to use them? I could sure use this picture for a post on “Fruit of the Spirit” or one on marriage (I have a lecture on marriage where I use an apple tree for an illustration).

I put up quite a few pictures on my blog, Family Fountain, too. But I don’t think I have a camera like yours! Good work here. And please check out Family Fountain if you get a chance. wb

I think you are wise beyond your years!
And we both know from Who your wisdom comes & that’s even BETTER!
When I find a blog that I like a usually check out its roots. Yours are well tended!

God Bless You & this bloggy ministry of yours!

PS ~ we were 19 & 21 when we married. celebrated 13 this june! :)

Oops…I not a. How’d that happen :)

new beginnings…

hello! well, i have decided to upgrade and tweek my blog a little and have moved to this lovely space. i’m working on importing from my old blog so that i don’t lose anything : ) pretty soon i will be posting pictures up here often and on a regular basis. i am learning a lot and am switching my gear from nikon to canon…yipee! until then, many blessings to you.