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hello, may!

hey there. how has your weekend been? did y’all do anything fun? it’s been a good one here, but busy! sometimes i wish there was two saturdays in the weekend. ha ha. however, i am excited and ready for a new week. jay spent most of the weekend outside doing yard work and tonight we went out to eat with my lovely folks.

i’ve honestly been in such a strange groove (does that make sense? is that how you say it?) a strange mood maybe? it’s been a few days with the case of discouragements…of course we all get that sometimes. i’ve been listening to some encouraging sermons, opened up my bible, and turned on some relient k. that always seems to help :) joy and peace is found in Him alone, amen?

i hope that you have a beautiful week… be sure to check out my oh so awesome sponsors to the left. i’ll give some more detail about each of them in a later post. i’ll also announce the winner of the anthropologie giveaway tomorrow.

be encouraged today, be free, and may His peace rest in your heart.



Aw, such cute photos! I love the one of the cups! I want summer so badly :)

Oh, the little feet! I want to eat them up!

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend; I hope you get out of your funk soon. I know how discouraging they can be, as I just came out of one myself, but it’s so lovely on the other side!



Glad to hear your having a good GROOVIN time girl. ha ha. Be blessed and know you are loved!


How sweet is that baby boy?!! Looks like a lovely weekend. I hope that peace dwells in your heart this week!!


I am loving May too! You are definatley dealing with discouragement the right way by opening your bible:) Oh your baby is so SWEET!

Your baby is so cute! And a shout out for Relient K :D


AMEN! Looks like a beautiful weekend, friend!

I forgot to enter my info. It’s not anonymous…it’s me :)

oh, your little famy is so adorable!!! we had a great but busy weekend too :)

you look so cute in that top photo! love your outfit.

thanks for choosing to encourage others even in your own state of discouragement or ‘groove’ or ‘mood’ :)

good monday to you. i agree some days carry some discouragement. when i feel like that, i blast britt nicole and her upbeat songs. they usually get me going. nothing like singing praise songs to get ones spirit rejoicing. btw, these are lovely pictures. :)

Gorgeous pictures! Your outfit is so cute.

I’ve been through those seasons of discouragement. It can be a hard valley to go through. But I think you’re looking in the right direction.

It looks like a perfect weekend. I don’t have the gardening gene, but I love to look at other’s gardens.

Even though you are in a weird “groove” (lol), you are still encouraging to others – thank you! :)

Your son is beautiful. You are a blessed family. May God bless you

Beautiful photos! Love that shot of your little guys tiny shoes. :) Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, and that you tackle those discouraging feelings soon!!

Relient K always puts me in a good mood. It’s my happy music when I’m feelin’ a little blue.

Have a very blessed and wonderful monday!

hi. i just wanted you to know that i love your blog. and lately i’ve been in a funk too but i prayed all weekend that the Lord would just give me a peace that just transcends all my understanding. :) it’s working.


So sweet. Oh and his little feet and shoes. Adorable.
Sorry you’ve been in a groove. I understand. Really.
I did some yardwork while the boys played soccer, and bubbles. Those flowers are pretty. What are they?

I love your pictures and little blurb on May. Yes, I think we all go through those discouraging times, I’ll be praying for you! The other week amidst discouragement, I just couldn’t get enough of Psalm 44. Kept reading it over and over and over. Have a blessed week! :)

Wow leland looks just like your hubby! I LOVE your outfit :) And Relient K! Excited to hear about the giveaway!

yes, relient k. I love it. [sadie hawkins dance still makes me smile, always]

I get into funks this time of year a lot, but you’re right: his grace is sufficient.
love to you!

great photos, great words.

have a great week lovely lady!

hmm.. I need to be doing some gardening/yard work of my own..

I’ve had a bit of the discouragements myself. Missing my guy. I find that running and listening to sermons or audio books really keeps me focused. Such wonderful photos. Yay, for May. I’m so looking forward to summer … strawberry picking, beach & sand, wearing shorts. Not too far away. :-)

Your posts are always so encouraging, Arielle!

Beautiful family, beautiful photos!!


Yay for May and for beautiful days!


aw thanks amylou :)


i am so looking forward to summer as well! :)


thank you mary! :)


thank you so much amy! i will check out the psalm :) many blessings!


thank you katy :) praying that His peace will be with you!


thank you courtney! hope you have a beautiful week! :)


thank you! :) many blessings…


haha, thank you ashley :) hope you have an awesome week!


thank you scout :) many blessings!


oh yes! i love britt nicole, good choice :) have a beautiful week!


thank you jenni :)


thank you michelle! :)


thank you olivia :) hope you and yours have a blessed week!

I love relient k when I am down :) your photos brightened MY day! Love spring weekends.

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