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monday & faq’s.

photo: early bird acres

hello! hope you are enjoying your monday. it is absolutely beautiful outside today.  we’re going to be spending most of the day outdoors. and later… edit some pictures, do some things for a bridal shower this weekend, and read a book or two. i’ve been trying to limit my time on the computer because i feel that it can sometimes take away from just living life. it’s so nice to “unplug” from the computer and my phone and just be. i try my best to reply to comments and e-mails but i know sometimes it does take a while.  i thought maybe if i put up a page of faq’s it might help a bit. i get emailed frequently about what kind of camera i use, lenses, etc.  so i’m going to include that question.

any other questions you think would be good to answer on the page? my life’s not all that exciting, but if y’all can think of any, leave em in a comment and i’ll include them as well. anywho, hope you are having a lovely day. be blessed by His love…


I love when I get to unplug for a while. I get so much more done and time to focus elsewhere. It’s a good thing. :)


I think your blog is beautiful. I read on your about page that you and your husband purchased a home at 21. That is pretty remarkable to have that option at such a young age. My little family (husband and five-month old baby boy named Henry) live in Seattle, Washington where home prices are crazy high. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will be renters for a long time. I am always curious to know how other people make owning a home a reality…especially when so young. On your fact page I was hoping you might want to share the story behind purchasing your first home.

I was wondering if you could tell a little on how you edit your pictures?
They always look so amazing!
Brilliant idea about getting off the computer, I’m also trying to limit my time on the thing, harder than I thought but it’s definitely worth it.

Favorite scripture and why, pretty girl.


spending time outside in the sunshine is definitely one of my favorite things to do. i too, have been trying to spend less time on my computer and have realized how much happier i’ve been just in general. lightness of mind is how i would describe it :)

i so wish i could unplug as well. it’s hard though! you have a wonderful week too :)

If it is not too personal, I always think it is really neat to hear stories about when a person gave their life to the Lord.
Hope you had a wonderful Mom’s Day Arielle!

I agree with Amylou! And I’d love to hear about your favorite books…favorite music…stuff like that.

I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I was wondering how you get Leland to “pose” or how you get such cute shots of babies. When I’m trying to take “posed” pictures of my little one they never seem to look right but sometimes I get lucky. So I guess just any tips on taking pictures of little ones. Thanks =)

I have been thinking about that so much lately. Im an interior designer an as you can imagine i use the computer alot. 3D renders, plans, elevations and typography. Not to mension graphic design, another love. Then there photo editing. How technology does clasp onto me when it comes to work. I was sitting this morning thinking about how much time is caught up in my studies and how just days spent gardening or painting and relaxing with the Lord need to be more. Now where was i getting to. Oh yes. This morning i decided to combine my love for graphics with my need to renew my mind with scripture. I spent this morning on my computer design scriptures for my wall. Its really encouraging when you are able to spend time with God through the things you love. I just thought how beautiful God is! How we can just enjoy Him in everything. X ps: i still havent updated my blog, it just gets too much sometimes for me! So i totally understand. X

I have been trying to spend less time on the computer. Especially before bed because 1. I end up staying up late finding things to do and 2. I always love to spend intimate time with the Lord before bed and I don’t want that to be interrupted by the computer.

It’s a beautiful day here in california, not our typical may afternoon because the temperatures are nice and cool but I love it.

My question: Your simplest most biblical advice about marriage?

Oh I love the previous question about marriage.

Hm, I also like the question about favorite books, favorite artist (Christian or non), favorite worship song :)

That photo is perfection, love. I want to hang it in my house! :)


beauitfully said as always, jay and Leland are definately more important then anything on the computer.My question is are you a fulltime stay at home wife and momma? or do you do some photo work for a paycheck whenever you find time to? theres nothing at all wrong with either of them jobs.Staying at home with a hubby and baby is a very hard and underpaid job of them all,except for the thrill of being a great mommy as you are,that makes all us mom’s rich in our hearts!! Take Care Arielle and enjoy your week.. :)

Beautiful picture of the glasses – we have a similar thing going on as our center piece on our kitchen table. I can’t wait for the faq post! :)

mmmm i love this photo!
Q: what books are you currently reading?

Arielle, I love reading your blog posts! They are so encouraging and challenging at the same time! You have a lovely blog, and I always look forward to what you have to say and what beautiful photos you have to post. Also, while I’m thinking of it, I think you have a very pretty name. :) I hope you have a wonderful day in Christ!

Popped in to say hi! I think a faq page would be great!

That picture is so pretty and I love the idea of having a FAQ page, I need to do that myself.

What a great idea!! And taking time to be unplugged is definitely a good thing for us all!


I also would like to hear something about your favorite books and music.

Have a great day! :)

I’m assuming you use photoshop…but what version? Your pictures/graphics on them always look amazing! Maybe you could do a little how-to post for us newbies! :) Good for you for unplugging!

wow, what a lovely and love-filled blog! i’m a new follower and so excited to have found your piece of the blog world. blessings!

favourite ice cream flavour xx

I was wondering what challenges you have come across getting married so young? I, too, got married at a very young age (20), and I encountered a lot of negative people because of my age, but here we are over 3 years later and more in-love than ever. While I don’t for one second think we made a mistake because I know we were listening to God’s voice, there were definitely challenges and I have learned quite a bit. Did you learn anything?

i, too, would love to hear what you’ve learned since you married. i married at 18, a little over two years ago, and love hearing kindred heart lessons.


many questions on marriage! :) i would love to know how your (and jay’s) parents reacted about you getting married so young…

I do have a question… I’m wondering what your thoughts are on being a young mother? My husband and I have this debate quite often about what each of us think is the optimal time to become a parent (he thinks young, i think a bit older) and i’d love to hear your thoughts?

Looking forward to reading what you come up with! I know I can’t wait to hop on over here when I see your name show up in my reader to see what beautiful things you are sharing! I am a big fan of unplugging, though! Balance is key :)

love that picture xxxx

love your blog, and your sweet heart for the lord. a couple questions…
1-any advice on how you built up your blog to what it is today?
2-any advice on directing clients during portrait sessions, or how you take such precious photos of your son (children are not easy to photograph!) :)


balance is key! so, so true :)


my thoughts on being a young mother….oh, personally i love it. it is very challenging though. mainly because my husband and i had planned on waiting almost 5 years to have a baby and most of my age is still in college, etc. so therefore, i had a tons of dreams and things that i wanted to do. (we unexpectedly got pregnant) and now i’m learning to shift my dreams a bit. i’m not going to be able to do everything that i wanted to do and that’s the tough part. but i’m learning that a baby comes with learning to be selfless which makes for a better person. plus, everytime i hold my son i’m overwhelmed with gratitude! God definitely has his plans for children whether women have them when they’re younger or a bit older :)


” I always love to spend intimate time with the Lord before bed and I don’t want that to be interrupted by the computer.”…. i agree! i am the same way :)


“Its really encouraging when you are able to spend time with God through the things you love.”. … it definitely is encouraging! i love that about photography :)


Oh my…that’s tough….usually I don’t post Leland too much. I just sit him somewhere and try my hardest to make him laugh and those are usually the best shots :) I’m sure as he gets older and squirms around a lot it’s going to be a little more difficult ;)

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