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mother’s day.

i am so very excited that this is my first mother’s day! my mom has been such an inspiration and light in my life. one day a year is not enough to express my gratitude. i am so very thankful for her wisdom, guidance and love…she is an amazing woman of God. i’m blessed!

hope you all have a beautiful mother’s day.



Happy First Mother’s Day!!!


I am very honored! :) What an amazingly creative post! I can’t believe this is your first mothers day. Time goes so fast! Happy 1st Mother’s Day to you! Love you- Mom

So, so, SO beautiful! Here is to first Mother’s Days! We are so blessed to have these little ones! Have a wonderful day!


How blessed I am to have a granddaughter as lovely, inside and out, as you. Happy First Mother’s Day to my Precious Moments . . .


Happy first mother’s day, Arielle!!! ;) i found your blog a while back, but i don’t think i’ve ever commented. just want to say- i ♥♥♥♥ your blog. ;) it’s always nice to find other people who are believers in Christ Jesus!
anyhoo, here’s a little about me- i’m a 13-year-old, homeschooled, red-headed, pastors daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, couponer, and Christian.
one more thing- Leeland is SOOOO stinkin’ adorable!!! and you are beautiful, too! =D by the way, i love your skirt in your post, “hello May”! may i ask where you got it from? i totally want one!!!!!

Giving GOD the Glory!

it must be very interesting for you to be the mother now! I’m not there yet but I’m excited because I can already tell my husband is going to male up for the gifts the baby can’t give me… lol

Happy first Mother’s day! I hope it’s wonderful. : )

Love those pictures, especially the one that includes you and your beautiful momma.

Happy 1st mother’s day sweet friend! Hope your day is blessed!

happy mother’s day, arielle — you’re such a beautiful, wonderful mother to leland!

gorgeous, gorgeous photos (as always)…you’re also so creative and unique when it comes to photography.

Happy Mother’s Day, Arielle! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. :)

Happy First Mother’s Day Arielle!

Such gorgeous photos and I love the clock one! And I totally see where you got your stunning good looks from… your mother is gorgeous! Happy Mother’s Day to the both of you!

Happy mothers day Arielle! Hope you’re getting spoiled!

Happy Happy Happpppy first Mother’s day to you! I hope you have had an absolute blessed day!!

WOW these shots are amazing! I love the smooth bokeh! Can you please tell me which lens you used for this one!?

Happy first Mother’s Day!!! I hope you had an amazing day with your beautiful family!!!

As usual, these photos are stunning! I love the clock in the tree! So cute.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic first mother’s day…I’m sure it was exciting to be able to take part in this special day now!

happy first mother’s day arielle!!!!! these pictures are beautiful! <3

What a perfectly sweet post. :) I love the pretty photos!

Happy first mothers day! It looks like it was a gorgeous day for you as well.

Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful tribute to Mother’s Day, Arielle! Hope you and your sweet mom had an awesome day! That first Mother’s Day is soooo special! (P.S. Love the images!)

happy mother’s day! such a beautiful post :)

So beautiful. Thanks for the well wishes! Hope you had a great day!

I hope you had a glorious first Mother’s Day!

Aww-such sweet pics. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


thank you so much deborah! it was great! hope you had a blessed mother’s day as well :)


thank you kristen! :)


thank you gaby! :)


thank you! hope yours was blessed as well :)


thank you so much abigail! that is so sweet of you :) that is awesome that you are homeschooled!
keep seeking Him girl! <3 blessings...


thank you branson! hope yours was blessed as well!

this is seriously the cutest mother’s day part i’ve ever seen.

Happy {first} Mother’s day! That is so exciting. I hope your day was truly blessed. I love seeing pics of your little guy. He’s adorable.

ps. Your pics are always so inspiring and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them with us. You are very talented, and I feel blessed every time I see how your using the talent God has given you! It puts a smile on my face.

Beautiful! Ahh…this makes me want to have a mother/daughter shoot with my Momma! You styled these photos perfectly!



thank you! :)

Those purple flowers (what are they called?) are absolutely beautiful. I love how you captured them!

just love the last quote and beautiful pictures of course!

Visited your blog for the first time today–loved your sincerity and beautiful photos :) thanks for sharing your heart!

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