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planting trees.

planting trees …a while back i sent this song by andrew peterson to my mom. there was a line that really spoke to me and reminded me so much of her. it helped me to see that when i raise leland, it is not just something i am doing right now in this moment but something that will be eternal and will be seen years from now. there is a line that goes something like this: “she rises up as morning breaks, she moves among these rooms alone, ¬†before we wake. and her heart is so full; it overflows. she waters us with love and the children grow” it reminds me of my mom and how she raised me (and raising my brother and sister.) i want to take after this example. being a mother is so much more than a duty or some task…we are shaping and growing little lives that can one day bring glory to God’s kingdom and change the world.

“but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
to him be glory both now and forever. amen.” 1 peter 3:18



Gorgeous post and sentiments. I love that last scripture, always been one that stuck out to me… lovely photos!


oh my goodness! i just listened to this song for the first time the other day! :) wonderful post, as always!

Arielle, these photos are so incredibly beautiful and expressive. The first one just stole my heart! Have a blessed mother’s day!

I love this song, and I just heard Andrew Peterson perform it live a few weeks ago. I’m not a mother yet, but every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of what a priviledge and responsibility it is to be a mom. It makes me thankful that my own mother realized the same thing, and raised my sister and I with eternity in mind.

That little hat is precious!

So cute! I love his hat and everything about this post. Did you get that dress at Target? I’ve been arguing inside my head if I should get it or not! ha

What a beautiful line from the song. Yes, the work you are doing now is eternal and will certainly blossom even more later! :)

look at that shirt he’s wearing! what a doll! your hair is always beautiful!

this is such a beautiful post with beautiful photos to go with it.. it made me really happy : )

what a touching post. you have such a great heart.

i just LOVE this arielle! thank you, thank you.

ps. such a pretty song, too! it reminds me of andy mckee.

HIS HAT. oh my gosh. leland is the most dapper baby ever.
and you look beautiful.

Could that little hat be any cuter on him?? Going to listen to the song right now. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful photos!…and I love that dress (I have it too!)

such beautiful images!!!

Pretty dress, adorable hat… I’m a new follower and I’ve loved reading your thoughts and seeing your lovely pictures.

Like you said, it is so much more than a duty.

Such a beautiful post with such beautiful pictures with such a beautiful song. And as we “plant trees” I know that all of our love and care in their growth will a reward found in Heaven. And much more rewarding than a Happy Mother’s Day is “job well done, my good and faithful servant.” But until then, Happy Mother’s Day ;)

this is beautiful! i love the song and i love these pictures. your little family is perfect. love love love.
happy mother’s day!

That first picture is just wow!

Well said. Your mother is amazing. Happy Mother’s Day.

P.S. Gorgeous pics.

These pictures are so beautiful! And good on you for planting a tree in springtime. xx


thank you brooke! and yep, got it from target for 12 bucks! not too bad ;)


thank you anna :)

Your little Leland definitely has a great mama! Sounds like you have a good one too!

Such a lovely post! Your photos are excellent and it looks like you had a wonderful day!


All of these pictures are so beautiful! You are such an inspiration to me and I always look forward to reading your blog!

Oh my goodness that 1st pictures is PRECIOUS! I absolutely love that line from the song as well…beautiful thoughts.

What a beautiful post! Being a mama is SO important. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day!



Love this song – and you both are just completely adorable! Leland looks so precious in that hat. :)

Amazing pictures. Truly stunning!!
I just made a twitter and started following you!!!
Feel free to tweet back!!

Oh, my dear, this post is just gorgeous. It is so precious and sweet and beautiful! Happy (early) Mother’s Day to you and your mom!
~Andrea @

What wonderful lyrics, and your photos are always so beautiful!! Happy Mother’s Day! :)

Beautiful photos, people, words, and song! Have a very happy mother’s day!!

i love what you said! i hope to be a mum sometime, and im so excited! who knows when that will happen. in God’s timing! but like you said, it’s growing your child to live for Christ. Its such a task but i think its just setting the example. thats all you simply have to do. Something I read the other day, the best thing you can do for your children is to love each other. x have a beautiful mothers day.


thank you so much eleanor! many blessings :)


thank you! you as well :)


thank you branson! :)


thank you so much :) oh, awesome!!


thank you kelly ann :)


thank you cory! :) have a blessed mother’s day!


thank you so much! hope you have a very blessed mother’s day! :)


thank you so much :) hope you have a beautiful mother’s day!


thank you tanya!


” I know that all of our love and care in their growth will a reward found in Heaven.” ….amen, so true! what a great reminder :) hope you have a beautiful mother’s day jhen!


thank you anna! :)


thank you summer! :)


thank you so much sarah!


oh yes…love andrew peterson…i’ve always wanted to here him live!
thank you so much, many blessings!


thank ya jennifer! :)

awesome photos! love the work you put into them

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