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summer is almost here.

on mother’s day we went to a park after dinner and walked around for a couple of hours. the lighting was so good so and i had my camera with me so i had to take some pictures :) i’m so excited that summer is almost here… along with warm weather, sunshine, picnics, and the pool. woohoo!


p.s. thank you so much for the questions! i put the faq page up here.

Your Hubby

Love you!

“your hubby says: : ) Love you!”

so cute.
and that picture of leland smiling at you is too darling.
I love that his mommy and daddy love him!

your photos are always so magical. beautiful family.

such lovely shots arielle, you have a beautiful family!

Such a sweet picture of the three of you.. yay for warm weather..

summer is already here for me!
i love these photos. the last one if my favorite! so sweet.
btw, your hair looks awesome. makes me want to be a blonde. j/k

… and happy mother’s day!

I love that you take you camera with you so often! I guess a person would be silly NOT to when they have a baby. You inspire me to tote mine around more!

have a great day

Arielle these pictures are beautiful!! Also, I read your faq page. It’s funny that you list No Compromise as one of your favorite books! It’s totally one of my favorite & I always laugh because your hubby totally reminds me of him! :)

as usual, i LOVE what you are wearing! those jeans are the cutest :) Oh, and Leland is just a little doll!

Read your faq– love it!

These photos are beyond perfect. Love shines out of each one. :)

What a special Mother’s Day, Arielle! Love those images … so very precious! You have to agree … everyday is Mother’s Day when you’re a mom, right!! :) And I have to say, you’re a beautiful mom! I’m ready for some nice weather too … it’s been so rainy here, though. Hopefully things will settle down, and we’ll enjoy some outings ourselves. Enjoy your day! Hugs~

Yay, I’m actually on your blog! It’s only 1/2 up but I don’t care, it finally let me get on it. (so weird) but all that to say, I loved the pictures. Especially the one with leland in the air. So cute. You all are the cutest family.

Just found your blog and I am loving it! Looking forward to getting lost here with a good cup of coffee tonight after the littles are tucked into bed:) Beautiful photos and family!

You guys are so beautiful!! I love that your a professional and you turn a nice day out into beautifully captured moments. Do you also keep a photo album as well? I just checked out the faq’s page and I was looking at the canon 5d but it is soooo pricey. Is it wise for an amateur like me to invest in something with more options and functions or keep it simple and buy a more advanced Digital SLR later? Sorry, the faqs page has me in a question mood. :)…he he



Beautiful shots – looks like a dream!

That last photo hurts my heart, it’s so cute! Love it!

your little family makes my heart so happy! beautiful photos! I am so glad I came across your blog!

I love seeing your family photo shoots! You just have such a beautiful family!

I love, love, love, love these series of pictures. You have such a beautiful family. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

Just found your darling blog, it’s lovely!
Beautiful pictures of your family too :)


Pictures are “picture perfect”… Love the one with Jay holding Lelends hand and his wedding showing prominately……….MaGe

Aww, those photos are precious! I love them and your hair is beautiful! So simple with the curls, but yet it looks so perfect! ^^

so gorgeous. your hair looks so pretty, love!

The lighting was PERFECT! Lovely photos.

Not only do you have a beautiful family!! Happy belated Mother’s Day, but your hair looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture. Wow o Wow! I wish I had talent like that, I am lucky if I can brush it straight. Happy Thursday!

You are all too cute! I love that you spend so much time outside in your yard :) and I also love your jeans!

I LOVEEEEEEEE all these photos! this is inspiring me to go take some outdoor pix this weekend with our baby girl!

Thanks for stopping by..just became your follower! :)


oh my!! i love the ‘hahaha’ picture!! just so fun and cute!

thanks for posting a question and answers page! that will hopefully prove to be a time saver for you.

it is a dream of the hubby and mine to own the canon you do. we have been thinking and talking about it for a while, it was nice to know that the pictures i love so much on your blog have been taken on that camera. (although, i totally agree with you that it takes much more than nice photography equipment to make great photographs).

have a blessed day!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m so glad you did because I love have such a cute little family!!

I love that your hubby was the first to comment on this post. So cute! And those jeans are awesome! Did you put the patches on yourself or did you buy them like that?

Gorgeous photos! I am glad that you had such a beautiful day.



You have such a cute little family! Love the happiness in these pictures :)



Awww! Love those pictures! they’re awesome! the one of Jay with Leeland’s hand in his… precious…. and i absolutely LOVE the last one of you and Leeland. so stinkin’ cute!

Giving GOD the Glory!

Yes! Summer is so close…! I love the picture of Leland smiling at you, that is just adorable. I love your photography, you found just the right light that evening.

Where ever you live, it’s absolutely breath taking! And the lighting was indeed great!

what a beautiful family you have! and your photos are beautiful as well! happy late mother’s day and God bless:)


gorgeous photography! and a wonderful way to spend mama’s day!

beautiful pictures! plus: i love your pants! ;)

cutest kid ever… :) adorable! xx

you hair is perfection!

I really need to take photography lessons from you or something – your nature photos are always so breathtaking! And this photo shoot just made me say “aww” and laugh all at once. Your family is adorable and you look like a truly happy family.

I loved this post, seeing the gorgeous pictures of your family, and then I read the first comment, left by your hubby, and I loved this post even more. Your family is so precious. :) Looks like you had a lovely Mother’s Day!


P.S. Amazing capris!

Oh my gosh yours is the most beautiful blog! I am so happy I found it, gorgeous photos and words x


thank you so much mary! :)


thank you kristen! :)


thank you so much lori :)


thank you so much ashley :)


haha- that’s too funny! he gets that often :P

hope you had a great weekend!


thank you deborah! :) and yes, everyday is mother’s day when you’re a mom! ;) hope you are enjoying your weekend! much love, arielle


thank you emily! :)


thank you melonie :)


thank you cheche! yes, i do keep some albums as well :) yes! i ‘d say wait to buy an advanced slr digital later. i started with an in expensive one and have gradually worked my way up as the years have gone by!

hope you’re having a great weekend! <3


thank you ashley :)


thank you amylou! :)


thank you so much amber :)


thank you so much! :)


thank you so much abby! your comment is so sweet :)
many blessing to you! <3


thank you so much amy!
hope you’re having a great weekend :)


thank you sofia! many blessings :)


thank you nicole! :)


thank you scout! nope i bought them like that ;)
many blessings!


thank you jhen! :)


thank you so much eva :)
many blessings to you!

Love the pictures, you two are so cute. I can’t wait for summer as well picnics and warm weather and late nights cant wait.

love those jeans girlie!


thank you tabatha! :)

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