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Jared- Cincinnati Senior Portrait Photographer

I’ve been wanting to share these senior portraits….they were so much fun to shoot!!  Jared was a total pro and was so natural in front of the camera. Each time we were ready to take photos and I looked up from my camera after setting it, he was already posed and ready to go! So awesome. He brought plenty of outfits and different things that he was interested in which was great!  It took a bit of perseverance (and boldness) to get the OK to use their land from the owners of this location. There was an old house on the property and I went to the door several times during the day before they finally answered the door and said YES we could use their land! It was great- here are a few of my favorites from the day:

He brought along his snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard….his guitar…awesome!


I’ve been following for a while now and I really like all of your pictures. I was wondering, what or how do you ask a person if you can use their land to take photos of somebody? I’m not a photographer I just do it as a hobby, but there are some nice pieces of land around where I live that I would like to take pictures at I just haven’t had the nerve to ask yet.

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